its in the details

  1. Searched the novel you read, The Sweet Hereafter, for a detail that you know something about or that you find intriguing. Possible topics to consider: The origin of the phrase “sweet hereafter”; demolition derby; county fairs; upstate New York (near Plattsburg); personal injury law; school bus accidents; problems faced by Vietnam vets; Montego Bay, Jamaica; adoption of Native America children; recovering from the death of a child; small town relationships/life; paraplegia; legal depositions; perjury; AIDS; Apple computers; alcoholism; dome houses; lasting effects of stroke; rehabilitation; Barbie dolls; etc.
  2. Taken your chosen detail out of the context of the novel and research it from a particular angle (technique, history of it, superstitions, modern day meanings, other place you might experience it, importance of it, any angle you can think of). Kept track of your sources with source cards.
  3. Built a PowerPoint presentation (10-15 slides with audio) about your detail that teaches your peers about that detail.
  4. Used Preview/Present/Review organization.
  5. Used a hook and a clincher to attract and keep the audience.
  6. Used images, illustrations, photos, etc. to make your slide show interesting.
  7. Used audio to present the material.
  8. Included the audio script in the “Notes” section of the PowerPoint presentation.
  9. Included a “Works Consulted” page (as the last slide) that lists your sources in MLA format (this is identical to a Works Cited page, but you gather info that is all paraphrased/summarized and integrated into the report rather than cited directly).
  10. Related the presentation back to the author’s choice of your chosen detail, and discussed the emotional impact that the detail gives to the scene or the story.

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