working with conditions and loops in python 1

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You will write three simple programs involving lists, conditions and simple loops.

Python Scripts (little programs)

Write and test Python scripts that do the following:

  1. Random story: write a Python program that prompts the user for two words or phrases (using two input statements). For a third word or phrase, your script should randomly select among a list. It should then produce a short story from the three words or phrases.
  2. Write a program that inputs the number of credit hours for a particular term and produces the tuition cost for the quarter. Assume the following costs for tuition:
    • Tuition for 1 – 11 credits is the number of credit hours times 615.
    • Tuition for any credits between 12 and 18 is a flat rate of 12803 dollars.
    • Tuition for any credits over 18 is 12803 plus the credits beyond 18 times 615.
  3. Automated Kumbaya: Write a program that reads in a list (revisit example from class) of activities (e.g. singing, praying, crying) and uses them to form printed stanzas of Kumbaya.

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