i need help doing a portfolio 1

Hi, I am in need of a portfolio being completed. The first thing that needs to be done is the revision essay. One of my essays was terribly written and she wants to rewrite the entire paper. It is a visual analysis paper. The picture provided with the essay is whats being used for the visual analysis. It is supposed to answer the questions in the template provided. The essay has to be rewritten to answer all the questions in the “Peer review questions for visual analysis.docx” It has to be 3 pages, double spaced. I am providing the essay that I have already written. It just needs to be entirely rewritten. To help guide you I will also include the questions for the visual analysis.

The second essay that needs to be done is the argumentative essay. This essay has to be 3 pages. The question that is being argued is “Are american minds being coddled?” It needs to be 3 pages and double spaced as well. The two articles being used will be provided along with the instructions.

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