look at some of the tough financial decisions that companies need to make in starting growing and dealing with economic downturns in their business some of these challenges can be exemplified by how to

This week, you take a look at some of the tough financial decisions that companies need to make in starting, growing, and dealing with economic downturns in their business. Some of these challenges can be exemplified by how to strategically invest in growth to make some hard financial decisions to avoid your business from going out of business. In building upon the strategic financial decisions that management must make and consider, you are going to learn a bit about Tactus Technology® and will address questions related to a real-world case study on the company. For starters, you can learn a bit more about the company by going to their website at the following address: http://www.tactustechnology.com/

Tactus Technology’s Craig Ciesla and Micah Yairi had a great idea and then were faced with the challenge of how to fund their start-up. So, and to learn more about their fund raising challenges, you will read the case study on page 194–195 of our ebook that is focused on Tactus Tech. Once you do this and complete your additional outside research, address the following questions: (please note the questions here are slightly different than those in the ebook and you should only address the questions that follow here.)

  1. Craig Ciesla and Micah Yairi eventually turned to friends and family for funding. Should they have done this first? What are the risks with raising money from such individuals?
  2. What were the risks and benefits of waiting until they had been granted patents to ask for customer feedback?
  3. The partners gave up equity in their company – part of the ownership – to get the help they needed. Was this a good idea? Why or why not?
  4. Why do you think, even with such bad luck, Ciesla and Yairi stuck it out? What would it take for you to be so persistent?
  5. Building upon the business you would like to open up, what funding source or sources would you take advantage of in order to initially fund your company? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing the funding source or sources you would use?

APA Requirements & Suggestions

  • APA format writing has very specific writing requirements that need to be met and are graded. A few of these major requirements include:
  • Microsoft Office programs only: Word, PowerPoint, or Excel (versions 2007 or higher)
  • A Title Page should be the first page of your Assignment
  • Each page should be double-spaced (no spaces between paragraphs)
  • You will indent each new paragraph
  • Font should be Times New Roman and 12 pt. font only
  • 1” margins all around for your page setup
  • APA formatted Reference Page is the last page of your Assignment
  • Your Reference Page should include at least two “qualified” research sources on it,
  • You should include at least two Citations in your response section (each instance should be just a sentence or two or support your writing)
  • Bullet Points and Numbered Lists should not be used
  • Qualified Research Sources should only be used (i.e. no resources exemplified by Wikipedia and about.com will be accepted) and typically these are found by using resources like the Library and Google Scholar

The paper should be a minimum of two pages long, double-spaced. The minimum length does not include the cover page and the reference page. All sources should be referenced as sources cited. Check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. Citations should use APA style.

Make sure your document includes:

  • Your Name
  • Date
  • Course Name and Section Number
  • Unit Number
  • Assignment Name
  • Page Numbers

Submit to the Unit 4: Assignment Dropbox

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