stat labs and quiz 1

In the Certify Labs you will work through problems on decision theory. You will detail the decision

into alternatives, states and

potential losses and gains with payoff values. Compiling this information into a decision table or tree then will allow you to employ different decision strategies to make your informed decision. When your business explodes into a multi-billion-dollar

, you definitely want these skills to help with your decisions.

You will

the Certify Labs in the Hawkes Learning

and all units have multiple lessons for certification. The Getting Started Video may be a helpful resource for you to be successful in this

platform. While in Practice, you can repeat each problem as many times as you like and learn from any mistakes with the adaptive tutoring support. At any time, you can review the content in the Learn

. Then when ready, you can

the Certify section for certification. For most lessons, a score of 80% or higher in Certify will

your certification! Many students have reported that by starting on the lessons on the first day of the unit they have been able to certify in all the unit’s lessons. You may find it helpful to work towards certification on one lesson every day of the unit.

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