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Annotated Bibliography



To prepare for your research paper, you will submit an annotated bibliography that contains atleast 5 secondarysources.These sources shouldcome ONLY from the GMC librarydatabases.For each source,you will provide a paragraph-long annotation.

Your annotated bibliography will be graded on the following rubric:


10 points


20 points

MLA Style

15 points

Mechanics, Grammar,and Punctuation

5 points


  • You must provide at least five sources

  • Each source should be a critical argument on the reading you’ve chosen for your research paper.  Sources that only provide biographical information or plot summary are unacceptable.  The source MUST provide anargument.


  • The annotation for each source should bea paragraph in length (at least 150 words).

  • You must includea brief summary of the source. This summary should include the author’s thesis.

  • You must provide an analysis of how you may use the source in your paper.

  • For more information on how to write an annotated bibliography,you should view thePurdue OWL’s website here:

    MLA Style

  • Your bibliography should be formattedaccording to MLA format.

  • For each source,you must provide an MLA citation.  Too see how to citean article froman online database,you should view the following website:

    Mechanics, Grammar,and Punctuation

  • All written assignments should be mechanically and grammatically correct with proper punctuation.

  • For more information on each of these,you should view the Purdue OWL’s General Writing Resources page:



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