challenges volunteer recruitment

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Challenges in Volunteer Recruitment

Board Governance & Volunteer Management


So, your organization needs a receptionist to greet visitors and answer the phone? Maybe you need someone who is a good typist and knowledgeable about some of the more widely used office software programs. Perhaps you could use someone adept at bookkeeping. Where do you find volunteers qualified, aligned with your mission, and willing to donate their time to your organization? There can be challenges to recruiting the “right” volunteers, and having strategies to meet these challenges can help you address them if and when they arise.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review Chapter 5 of your course text, Volunteer Management. Think about the various methods of volunteer recruitment presented, and the challenges that may be associated with each one.
  • Review the Web site, “Recruitment Techniques: Speaking to Community Groups.” Consider the challenges to recruitment that are presented by various groups.
  • Review the Web site, “Essential Volunteer Management: Recruitment.” Pay attention to the recruitment planning process and how a targeted recruitment campaign may help you overcome challenges to recruitment.
  • Bring to mind the specific volunteer roles and responsibilities you created for your Final Project organization in Week 8. Think about the challenges that may arise in recruiting these volunteers and how you might address those challenges.

With these thoughts in mind:
Post by Thursday 9pm New Yrk Time
a brief description of your Final Project organization. Then describe two challenges that may arise in recruiting nongoverning volunteers for your organization. Describe the strategies you would use to address these challenges.




  • Course Text: Volunteer Management
    • Chapter 5, “Recruiting the Right Volunteers” (pp. 63-100)

Web Sites

Optional Resources


  • Article: Boezeman, E., & Ellemers, N. (2008). Volunteer recruitment: The role of organizational support and anticipated respect in non-volunteers’ attraction to charitable volunteer organizations. Journal of Applied Psychology, 93(5), 1013-1026.
    Use the PsycINFO database, and search using the article’s title.

Web Sites

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