english summery

I need to write down summery for article that I already attached. 

I need it to be easy use easy voc words because I’m international student and I need it without any grammar mistakes. 

Double space and use reporting language like (from the article the author says, explains, shows ….etc) 

I already attached the guidelines that my professor how she want it to be written. I need it exactly the way my professor wants.

I need it after 7hrs and 30mins from now.

I need it half page not more than one page. 

I already have the main idea of the article but it might be not complete which is (Americans spends more time on work more than leisure and they pay money to others to do their housework because they don’t have time)

Its might be missing something but that what I have and PLEASE read the article carefully I need it to be really good!


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