Assignment 2: Opponent’s Perspective

In M9: Assignment 1 (Academic Cheating), you picked a position on the question of cheating and plagiarism, its current prevalence: its pro or con.

It is easier to make a case for a particular point of view when one believes in that side of the argument. In his book The Art of War, Sun Tzu (2009) said, “Know your enemy” (p. 86). To successfully maintain a point of view, you need to know what your challenger might say to refute your arguments.

In this assignment, create an outline providing the opposing side of your argument and support your opposing perspective with a minimum of three to four distinct points. Include supporting subpoints and examples under each of your main points in order for your argument to be clearly envisioned.

  • If you believe that cheating or plagiarism occurs more frequently now than it did in the past, then outline the points for opposing this point of view.
  • If you believe that there is no more cheating or plagiarism happening now than it did in the past, create an outline that gives the contrary perspective.

Write your response in 150–200 words in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M9_A2.doc.

By Sunday, July 7, 2013, deliver your assignment to the M9: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Tzu, S. (2009). The art of war. (T. Cleary, Trans). Boston, MA: Shambhala Pocket Classics.

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