human resources final project

In each unit, you have gathered data relative to your selected organization(T Mobile). For this assignment, you develop a proposal that outlines your recommendations to improve the HR function of this organization. Submit an APA formatted research paper that addresses your proposed recommendations for the organization(T Mobile)

All papers must include at least 12 outside resources to support your analysis. All projects should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion. The body will include, at a minimum, sections labeled:

For each element, you submit your proposed recommendations to the organization. For example, if in your research, you discovered that the organization does not follow a detailed training process, a portion of your proposal might include an outline of the steps to implement a training process. A rationale for making these changes, including supporting documentation from resources outside of the class, and outside of your own experience, should accompany this outline.

An unacceptable argument is that the organization does not need to make any changes. In fact, there is always room for improvement at some level. Conduct research and apply it to the organization that you have selected to help improve the HR function of the organization.

All Sections need to be Addressed…

Due December 9

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