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Objective:  To be an engineer in a company that like new graduate student and encourage them to do their job with high efficiency with more reliability for Engineers. 


Summary:  Mechanical Engineer will graduate from Prince Muhammad Bin Fahad University that highly skilful in communication and in different materials with engineering subjects.   

Education: 2011—2016 (expected graduation year)

Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, Prince Mohammad bin Fahad University

GPA:  2.59 on a 4.0 scale

Took extra courses in:

  • History.
  • Microeconomics



  • Public relations internship in Colgate Palmolive Arabia —Summer 2005
  • Diploma degree at Mechanical of production from Dammam college of technology—January  2006
  • Work as machine operator at Eastern Pack Company – division of Nabco Company 2006 – 2007.
  •  Study in Saudi Electricity Company institute as Mechanical Technician 2007 – 2008.
  •  Start actual work in the company from September 2008 up to now.
  • Start studying at PMU from 2010 in College of Engineering as Mechanical Engineer.


Special Skills and Awards:

  • Very good in both English and Arabic; spoken and written.
  • Able to work in any job site and area.
  • Ability to understand and get the knowledge easily.

Professional goals:

My engineering degree will develop my mechanical sense of the machines. Also it will develop the skill that I have but dot use them like critical thinking and problem solving. Currently my thought is to finish the bachelor degree then my next step is to get master degree in Electro Mechanic Engineering, to help improve my knowledge and understanding the things. This education will offer to me a very good job in future with one of the greatest company in KSA.


Communication: is the way that can transfers the information to other people and they can understand you and, you can understand them in effective way. Also you have to know very well the type of communication like oral communication, written communication and sending the massage by friend to other people.

Assignment 1: informative speech.

The assignment chosen to be able to deliver the desire information  to the crew members. This assignment use both research skill and power point presentation. The importance of this assignment is to enhance the research skill and the ability to deliver the information.

Assignment 2: persuasive speech.

This assignment is chosen to increase the ability of persuading the people about some product or idea. This assignment is important especially for business and marketing student. The engineering student uses the persuading in some situation if they need from their manager to change some kind of material to other type.

Leadership: to be able handle a crew and deal with the situation and responsibility for the action you are take in duty and in order to help the people achieving their goals by encourage them doing the work.

Assignment 1: leadership in organization

This assignment made to apply the leadership in any organization. Also it enhance the knowledge of how we deal with a group of people among the organization with giving the final decision.

Assignment 2: Effective leader dealing with problem

In this assignment we learned how the professional leader can solve any problem might happen at a time. Also, how he can think for fast solution without harm the people and machines or the firm itself.

Critical thinking: to think positively and start solving the problems during the working time and the ability to use some technique while solving any problem.

Assignment 1: Rhetorical argument

In this assignment we have discuss how the person have to make an rhetoric speech to such of people. Also how we can deliver a massage to any person and inform him about the situation.

Assignment 2: logical argument

In this assignment we have learned how we can use the available logic  to support the claim. Also how we can develop thinking and increase the chances to win the argument. 

Teamwork: working as one team to achieve specified goal for the company or privet job, also member’s cooperation and encourage each other to finish the work.

Assignment 1: : The Importance of Development, Communication, and Learning in Teams

In this assignment we learned why it is important to let the team get the chance of training and how it can affect the team working. Delivering the massage between the members have some technique so, once the team have it will be easy for them to communicate and do the job as fast as they can.

Assignment 2: creating proposal using work group

This assignment tell us as critical thinker to use the DAPEE method while solving any problem so, DAPEE process is to (Define, Analyze, Plan, Execute, and Evaluate) the case then it will be solved easy and fast without any problem.

Technology: the technology is helping us as an engineer so we can search for some information and use some computer program to try some of solution before we apply the change. Also it can be as a part of doing the communication while searching for some information.

Assignment 1: power point presentation

Be able to make a power point slide in order to deliver your thought to the people around you, and to get the skill of making a wonderful presentation. This assignment chose in order to help the student to get the skill and master it.

Assignment 2: making an audio podcast

The ability to make an audio podcast with back ground music is helping the student to use the technology with adding and editing the audio. Also it enhances the clarity of speech during the recording and slow speech. 

Professionalism: to improve your reliability and performance in doing jobs and try to be expert at your specify job. Also while doing the job you have to be aware of the new technology that can be use to help you.

Assignment 1: career path

This assignment done to set some goals for engineer looks for in the company. Career path usually describing the possible way for the engineer he can move through to the final step or stage.

Assignment 2: resume

This assignment set to make the student ready to the future. The assignment teaches the student how to make perfect resume and use the competencies in the resume itself. 


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