mth 221 discrete math for information technology

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Chapter 4:
A wheel of fortune has the integers from 1 to 25 randomly placed on it.  Show that regardless of how the numbers are positioned on the wheel, there are three adjacent numbers whose sum is at least 39.
If a, b, c ∈ Z+ and a|bc, does it follow that a|b or a|c?              
Chapter 5:
Logic chips are taken from a container, tested individually, and labeled defective or good.  The testing process is continued until either two defective chips are found or five chips are tested in total. 
Using a tree diagram, exhibit a sample space for this process.              
5.7-6(See the definition 5.23 on page 290 for help with this problem.)            
Let f,g:  Z+→R be defined as follows:                 
Verify that f ∉ O(g) and g∉O(f)                

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