Unit VII Scholarly Activity Textbook:Colbert, B. J., & Katrancha, E. D. (2016). Career success in health care: Professionalism in action (3rd ed.). Cengage Learning. https://online.vitalsource.com

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Unit VII Scholarly Activity

  • Textbook:Colbert, B. J., & Katrancha, E. D. (2016). Career success in health care: Professionalism in action (3rd ed.). Cengage Learning. https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781305537064


Review the five-step decision-making process on pages 90–102 in your textbook. Write a three-page paper showing how you will use this process to create a career plan for advancing to a new position in the healthcare industry.

You should present your process and plan in an organized and detailed manner. You may want to consider your assignment submissions and professor feedback from the following units as you develop your plan:

  • Unit I (qualities and areas in which you identified needed growth) and
  • Unit II (goals and personal skills). professional, personal, community, and educational.

Your paper must be at least three pages in length, not including the title or reference pages. You must use at least three outside sources, including the textbook. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. All references and citations used must be in APA style.

Unit VII Scholarly Activity Textbook:Colbert, B. J., & Katrancha, E. D. (2016). Career success in health care: Professionalism in action (3rd ed.). Cengage Learning. https://online.vitalsource.com
2 Healthcare Professional Introduction Any healthcare professional needs specific crucial skills to be successful. These skills can range from particular areas such as communication, interrelating with others, and even dealing with cases involving stress. There are essential qualities needed to be a great professional in healthcare. Different healthcare workers bring additional attributes related to healthcare while performing their roles. These qualities they bring affect their career advancement. Therefore, healthcare professionals need to experience growth in certain areas at the early stages of their careers. Significant qualities Empathy; is a quality whereby the healthcare professional puts himself in the circumstance of the patient to comprehend the suffering better the patient and relatives go through. This quality makes healthcare professionals offer the best care to patients as they understand their suffering. Therefore it is a key quality needed to succeed in the healthcare profession. Excellence in communication; this quality involves speaking and listening. A healthcare professional should be able to engage the patients for better treatment. They should also be able to listen carefully to the patients to offer the right services. Success in healthcare can be attained through effective communication(Humphries et al., 2018). A healthcare worker can only meet the needs of patients if they understand them. The first step of getting this understanding is through effective communication. 3 Attentive to all details; being attentive to all details is another key to success in the healthcare profession. The work of healthcare involves a lot of pressure and stress, but all details should be considered. Life is delicate, and a small mistake can easily lead to death. Thus being attentive to all details is a key quality to getting success in the profession of healthcare. The ability to solve problems and issues is required when traditional methods fail to work. The ability to solve problems in cases where conventional methods fail to work brings the disparity between a good healthcare worker and a successful one. Therefore, solving problems is a key quality to being successful in the healthcare profession. Interpersonal skills: Any healthcare professional should work well with others. Success in healthcare needs teamwork. For example, doctors need nurses and other workers(Zechariah et al., 2019). Thus good relations should be maintained for success. Rapid response; quick acts are needed in cases of emergency. Emergency plans and first aid kits should be put in place to save lives in emergency cases. Looking for certain things may lead to death in cases of emergency. The ability to save lives is considered as one quality of successful professionals. Therefore, a quick response is needed to attain success in the healthcare profession. Qualities associated with professionalism Ability to solve problems; I will bring the quality of solving problems. The ability to solve problems will make sure I put into consideration other qualities such as effective communication and attention. It is hard to solve a problem without excellent communication and to consider even the minor details in healthcare. Therefore, the quality of solving problems will make me successful healthcare professional. This, in turn, will lead to promotions to higher levels. 4 Interpersonal skills; I will further bring the quality of interpersonal skills. This quality will make me work well with others and even be fruitful. It will also lead to the practice of effective communication. Working well with others involves excellent speaking and listening. Success in healthcare requires teamwork. Bringing the quality of interpersonal skills will make me succeed in my role and further open doors for promotion and other more challenging responsibilities. Getting more demanding responsibilities will give me more experience in healthcare. Areas to experience growth Rapid response areas; I need to experience growth in handling emergencies. Some situations, such as attending to accident victims, require maturity. The fact that I’m not used to attending to emergency cases means I need to get used to serving victims in different critical states to have great knowledge of responding to emergencies. Empathy areas; putting myself into patients’ situations may sometimes severely affect me. The conditions may affect me emotionally and even psychologically. This, in turn, may lead to stress. At first, I need to manage emotions and stress. This will aid in empathizing maturely as I serve patients. Conclusion Empathy, excellence in communication, attention to all details, ability to solve problems, interpersonal skills, and rapid response is required to succeed in healthcare. I will bring the quality of solving issues and interpersonal skills in my role. In addition, I will need to experience growth in areas involving rapid response and empathy. 5 References Humphries, Jaganathan, S., Panniyammakal, J., Singh, S., Goenka, S., Dorairaj, P., Gill, P., Greenfield, S., Lilford, R., & Manaseki-Holland, S. (2018). Investigating clinical handover and healthcare communication for outpatients with chronic disease in India: A mixed-methods study. PloS One, 13(12), e0207511–e0207511. 6 https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0207511 Zechariah, Ansa, B. E., Johnson, S. W., Gates, A. M., & Leo, G. D. (2019). Interprofessional Education and Collaboration in Healthcare: An Exploratory Study of the Perspectives of Medical Students in the United States. Healthcare (Basel), 7(4), 117–. https://doi.org/10.3390/healthcare7040117 Priem, R. L. (2018). Toward becoming a complete teacher of strategic management. Academy of Management Learning & Education , 17 (3), 374-388. https://journals.aom.org/doi/abs/10.5465/amle.2017.0237
Unit VII Scholarly Activity Textbook:Colbert, B. J., & Katrancha, E. D. (2016). Career success in health care: Professionalism in action (3rd ed.). Cengage Learning. https://online.vitalsource.com
2 Introduction Goals are the outcomes that are required to be achieved within a specific duration. For goals to be achieved, they have to be made realistic depending on what a person wants to achieve. Goals are composed of three primary purposes where; the first objective is that it acts as a conceptual framework which is essential for defining approaches to attaining the intended goal. The second primary purpose of a goal is to allow surveillance to allow an objective to be evaluated, thus allowing a person to track the progress of a project. The third objective is to equip a person with analytical tools to assess the services required to run the project’s effectiveness. This paper will focus on my short-term, mid-range, and long-term goals as a medical biller and a coder specialist. ( Yarygin et al. 2019 ) Short term goals For the first six months to two years, I have a goal of finding a medical billing mentor, learning multiple skills and growing my billing and coding network. Finding a mentor in medical billing is essential as he will equip me with skills based on the main activities carried out by a medical biller in a healthcare facility which will allow me to focus on the core topics while in college. To engage efficiently with the mentor, I will require effective communication, thus making me successful. To work as a medical biller and coder, he must have effective communication, attention to detail, and computer skills. I can achieve all these skills by focusing on the lectures from my professors. To enhance my skills, I will have to do all my assignments on time and read ahead of the professors, allowing me to understand better the information taught. ( Burns et al. 2018 ) 3 Various strategies are updated regularly in the medical field, leading to developing a medical and billing network. With a network in the medical and billing field, I will know about recent updates, thus focusing on the current trends, which will allow me to co-operate with other professionals. I can grow my medical billing and coding network by actively engaging in social media platforms to know about current trends in the medical field. Mid-range goals After developing short-term goals, I will focus on my midrange goals which will take three to five years. My mid-range goals will include; enhancing my skills, joining a team of medical coders and building my reputation. To enhance my skills, I will need to focus on what other medical billers are carrying out in the medical field, perfecting my skills. To achieve this, I will need cooperation with other team members to teach me new ideas. My second goal is to join a team of medical billers and coding specialists. Joining a team of medical billers and specialists will allow me to familiarize myself with more activities I did not know, thus market myself. Joining a team of medical billers will allow me to gain more skills making me more knowledgeable as I will come across ideas I had never learnt before. After joining medical billers, I have to use enthusiastic learning skills since it will allow me to learn, thus enhancing the skills required in my career. After working with medical billers and coding specialists, I will develop my reputation. Developing my reputation will be essential as many healthcare facilities will likely know about my services. They are likely to invite me for an interview, which will allow me to get a good-paying career. When I focus on developing my reputation, I have to use self-confidence and communication. 4 Long-term goals My long-term goals as a medical record coordinator are to create a positive work environment, act as a mentor, and lead a coding team. Creating a positive work environment will allow all the workers to enjoy working in the facility, thus making my department successful and efficient. To achieve this, I will have to use personal development skills. Employees will work with me with personal development skills, thus increasing their ability to work in the workstation and become productive. My second long-term goal is to become a mentor to young medical billers. To become a mentor, I have to use effective communication skills. Using effective communication skills, younger billers will be willing to focus on my training speech, and they will be able to refer other billers to me. By becoming a mentor, all medical institutions are likely to become knowledgeable about me, which will expand my career in all parts of the nation. (Bipp et al. 2020) As a medical record coordinator, I aim to lead the medical teams efficiently as I have the required skills in the medical environment. By leading other coding teams, I will be able to receive a considerable salary, which will allow me to meet my expectations. To lead other medical billers, I will have to use decision-making skills and effective communication to allow efficiency when communicating with one another, thus facilitating success in the medical facility. Meeting my objectives will have a lot of positive impacts on my life as they will provide me with a direction that will motivate me to achieve them. My goals will impact the health and medical field where they will allow me to enhance patient care, thus preventing prescription errors, minimizing inefficiencies in healthcare facilities and enhancing staff relationship facilitating cooperation. 5 References 6 Bipp, T., Kleingeld, A., & Schelp, L. (2020). Achievement goals and goal progress as drivers of work engagement. Psychological Reports. Burns, E. C., Martin, A. J., & Collie, R. J. (2018). Adaptability, personal best (PB) goals setting, and gains in students’ academic outcomes: A longitudinal examination from a social cognitive perspective. Contemporary Educational Psychology , 53 , 57-72. Yarygin, O. N., Korostelev, A. A., Akhmetov, L. G., & Maseleno, A. (2019). Modelling competence as a tool of goal setting for education in modern society. International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering , 7 (6), 72-77.


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