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Understanding and Supporting Behaviour
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Assessment overview
This assessment requires you to engage with a case study and consider in detail how you would respond as a teacher. In completing this assessment, you will draw together the theoretical frameworks and models for responding to a range of behaviours displayed in the learning environment. You are required to create strategies and describe these in your response for inclusive and ethical practices with families, community and support agencies.
This task is assessing your ability to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for the following unit learning outcomes:
Apply appropriate theoretical frameworks and models for responding to a range of behaviours displayed in the learning environment.
Create strategies for working effectively and ethically with families, community and support agencies.
Clarify the role of external agencies and professionals in supporting teachers, children and families.
Assessment details
Write a 1500 word case study report on one of the case studies below.
Choose one of case studies below:
Case study 1: Gemma is a five-year-old child who attends a kindergarten/preschool where you are the teacher. Her family has communicated to you that she enjoys physical activities and ball games, but can become upset if she is ‘losing’ or having to wait for a turn. She enjoys high- level conversations, often not listening to instruction when asked to stop chatting and focus on her task. She also has an advanced artistic flair. Gemma has had several outbursts since she began attending three months ago. On four separate occasions, she has physically struck out at other children in the group by punching and kicking them. She has also been noticed pinching other children and then running away so the child does not see her. These incidents have been observed and documented. You have been trying to engage with her family but are not having any success.
Case study 2: Ahmed is a seven-year-old child who has always seemed happy and cognitively engaged with learning but in recent weeks he has started to become withdrawn with classroom tasks. You have observed him on the playground and he appears isolated and does not play with the other children. He is reluctant to join group activities, and when he does participate, he remains quiet and does not appear to contribute to the discussion. Upon discussion with his family, they have said they see no issues with what is being reported, that in fact when Ahmed returns home from school, he tells them all the playing activities he does during play times.
Complete the guided questions in the Assessment 3 case study template provided. You need to reflect upon the behaviour displayed and describe the approaches you could use to guide and support the child.
Your response should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of a range of strategies to respond to and support children’s behaviour; you will consider how to communicate effectively and ethically with the child and families/carers and provide a support plan to allow for the behaviour to subside.
You will also need to outline the role of external agencies and professionals in your response, including when you would consult externally and when you would refer children and families to external support services.
When approaching your case study response, remember that you have a snap shot of information about the learner and therefore careful consideration is needed when providing strategies and identifying reasons for the behaviour.
Supporting resources
The following resources will support you in the submission of this assessessment.
Assessment 3 case study template
Tips on how to complete Assessment 3
Referencing guide
Assessment support


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