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“The proposed combination of Pfizer and Allergan will create a leading global pharmaceutical company with the strength to research, discover and deliver more medicines and therapies to more people around the world,” stated Ian Read, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Pfizer.
“Allergan’s businesses align with and enhance Pfizer’s businesses, creating best-in-class, sustainable, innovative and established businesses that are poised for growth. Through this combination, Pfizer will have greater financial flexibility that will facilitate its continued discovery and development of new innovative medicines for patients, direct return of capital to shareholders, and continued investment in the United States, while also enabling its pursuit of business development opportunities on a more competitive footing within the industry…”
“The combination of Allergan and Pfizer is a highly strategic, value-enhancing transaction that brings together two biopharma powerhouses to change lives for the better,” said Brent Saunders, Chief Executive Officer Allergan.
Pfizer and Allergan Deal
Majority observers and stakeholders believe that the pending merger between Pfizer and Allergan is positive. However, there is a counter argument that holds the view that this merger is negative- where the risk exposure outweighs the proposed benefits.
With this outlook, provide a critical analysis of the $160 billion merger of Pfizer and Allergan. The analysis should consider but not be limited to industry dynamics; strategy; competition; structure of the deal as well as the challenges the new combined firm may face.
What is your considered opinion on the deal?
The analysis should be presented in a 2500-3000 word report
Students are encouraged to take a position within their narrative
The narrative should offer depth and synthesis of argument.
Use of appendices as well as appropriate referencing is encouraged
Students can provide a supporting 7-10min recorded video to support the narrative that they present.
The narrative and assertions should be supported by factual evidence. In the absence of factual evidence, provide justifiable conclusions.
Conclusions and recommendations must be as a result of a critical evaluation that uses multiple citations and perspectives.
Descriptive narratives MUST be avoided as they do not offer any depth of argument.
????See rubric for further guidance-
Please provide the direction of the essay in the introduction (how it will be analyzed?)
Analysis on Pfizer impending of Allergen. explore aspects of:
Possible benefits to Pfizer
Possible market reactors to the merger
Possible challenges to fizer as it takes over Allergen
In order to understand the PITFALS address with explanations plus use models like:
Financial context framework
Triple A framework
Write about:
Regulatory frameworks
How Pizers global strategy has continue to evolve and what does it mean
Discuss previous failure attempts of pharmaceutical brands merging that didn’t go through (Failure of Pfizer overtaking Astrazeneca pharmaceutical)
Integrated mechanisms need to
Accrual benefits
Industry and market dynamics
Structure deal (is the valuation right?)
See arguments based on 2 or 3 frameworks (in order to explain exposure the frameworks can be used
Include any supporting information of what you are saying (statistical data, financial data
Formal facts in order to explain why the merge is bad or good
Its this the rights time to acquire Allogern in terms of timing, in terms of risk exposure if they failed overtaking Astrazeneca?
Why is Pfizer spending 160 Billion in human market if the trend is (watch Alison Sunders-Megatrends)
Example of how to use frameworks:
As Pfizers seeks to expand and develop its market it has chosen to acquire allergen in order to penetrate more markets furthermore it will allow diversify their product portfolio. This will allow Pfizer to adapt using modular adaptation. This strategy has been used successfully by ___(name of a company)___
(in this frase I used Ansos matrix and 1 of the triple A’S framework)

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