Topic: Electrical Engineering( Fault Detection and Localization on PV array PhD Dissertation) –

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Topic: Electrical Engineering( Fault Detection and Localization on PV array PhD Dissertation)
Paper details:
Please find the attached files as published papers(I will provide you with more thesis and dissertation letters and other papers to consider among the references if you decide to do this project ) that cover fault detection and Localization of PV array system; Requirements: 1. I want you reconstruct them ( especially paper[20], I did construct this paper and I can tell what should be done to improve it ) and see if you have same results 2. After that I want you to modify them to come up with new method to detect and localize the faults on PV array( This method should be better and simpler than the ones in papers so that I can publish it) so, this new method leads us to be my Dissertation Problem. This research must be in PhD Dissertation Level to be considered my problem statement Chapter. 3. After the problem statement is done, I want to set a Live chat session with expert to explain to me the project and address any question I may have. 4. when you are writing , please use simple English to enable all readers to understanding the writing. 5. I want to publish this research paper in IEEE conference, so it should in level of publishing. 6. I want the entire work to be explained in great details Notes: The expert who plans to do this project must have excellent background in Solar Energy ( Photovoltaic(PV)) and how to simulate PV array on both Matlab and Simulink because this dissertation should be done using Matlab/Simulink. Here are the deadlines 1. Problem Statement Chapter and The Discussion and results chapter should be done by August 12 2. Abstract, Introduction chapter, and Literature review chapter and this part has at least 30-40 pages on August 20 ( we can modify it based on progress) 3. The completed PhD dissertation (6-7 Chapters(total in 100- 130 pages) see the sample PhD Dissertation(titled as hot spot thesis) attached that should follow ) by September 30 4. Any sources that been used beside what I provided you, must be email to me with research as pdf files in case I need to go back to them (highlight the used part of the source) I want you to update me with any progress to give my comments before each deadline to avoid any delay.

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