This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin. InstructionsINTL424 Interrogation Week # 5 Progress Check Interrogation Scenario1. Overview. This interrogation scenario is designed to provide students

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This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin.

InstructionsINTL424 Interrogation Week # 5 Progress Check Interrogation Scenario1. Overview. This interrogation scenario is designed to provide students an opportunity to identify some key personality and environmental issues which interrogators must take into account when selecting an interrogation “approach.” The scenario is based on a military peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. The information gaps in the scenarios are intentional as interrogators will rarely have all of the information needed to correctly assess a situation/event. Before reading the scenario, ensure that you have read Chapters 7 and 8 of FM 2-22.3 Human Intelligence Collection Operations, as well as Appendix A. The assignment is in two sections, which will include at least 350 words in each section. Section I: Planning and Preparation Phase.- Refer back to FM 2-22.3 Chapter 7 and to the Educing Information text. What would you do, based on this unique scenario, to conduct your planning and preparation? Be specific…the manual provides a lot of examples. Section II: Recommended Interrogation Approaches and Questions.- If you were to suddenly take over the interrogation, describe three interrogation approaches you would employ and the reason you selected them (Utilize Chapter 8 of FM 2-22.3). Use the actual names of the approaches. Do not use “Direct Approach.” Nearly all interrogations begin with the Direct Approach.- Think about his verbal and non-verbal behaviors, how he was captured, and his background to help you select your approaches. Examination Scenario Political unrest in the former Serbian Republic of Kosovo OVERVIEW. Over the past month, multiple Human Intelligence (HUMINT) reports have indicated a group of former Serbian army officers in the town of Mitrovica are planning to attack U.S. forces operating in Kosovo as part of NATO’s Kosovo Force (KFOR). According to the source, disgruntled Serbs (who form roughly 6% of Kosovo’s entire population) are enraged over the U.S.’s decision to formally recognize Kosovo as an independent nation under ethnic Albanian rule. In an effort to prevent an attack, KFOR has deployed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and increased HUMINT collection efforts throughout the U.S. sector. Because the Serbians in Kosovo do not possess a “traditional” military capability, intelligence analysts assess the Serbians may employ improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or ambush vulnerable U.S. targets.SCENARIO. On 17 March at 1400, HUMINT reporting indicated an attack of “some sort” was going to be conducted against KFOR between 20-22 March. This was the first reporting from this particular source who learned of the information from his girlfriend, whose brother is a former member of the Serbian army.- On 17 March at 1800, a KFOR communications intercept within the town of Mitrovica revealed a Serb by the name of “Aleksandar” was speaking to an unidentified male in Kosovo’s capital city of Pristina. “Aleksandar” confirmed receipt of “an important package” that morning.- On 18 March at 1300, a Predator UAV captured video images of three men gathered outside of the “Mitro café” in Mitrovica making notes and timing the passing of military convoys through a nearby intersection.- On 18 March at 1645, a US convoy passing through the same intersection was rocked by an explosion originating near a trash can located approximately 20 feet from the passing vehicles. Although the explosion severely damaged an armored HMMWV (HUMVEE), no U.S. personnel were injured. In the wake of the attack, U.S. forces increase security and seal the borders of Mitrovica while investigating the attack.- On 19 March at 0215, U.S. forces detained three Serbian men in a farmer’s barn as they were attempting to slip out of Mitrovica through the U.S. security ring. After thoroughly searching the barn and the men, Aleksandar Jovocik, Niko Duan, and Dimitrije Vukasin, were transported to Camp Bondsteel for interrogation. Upon arriving at Bondsteel, the three men were separated and in-processed for detention. In addition to the clothes they were wearing, the three men were each carrying one newly purchased mobile phone and approximately $800 in cash (consisting of Serbian Dinars, Euros, and U.S. dollars). Jovocik and Duan each had pictures of children in their wallets and Vukasin had a small Serbian flag.- After in-processing, a handcuffed Aleksandar Jovocik was taken to a well lit, 8×8 room containing a small table, two chairs, and an ashtray. One side of the room contains a two-way mirror enabling observers to watch Jovocik’s behavior. A Military Policeman handcuffed Jovocik to a chair facing both the table and the door. For the next 10 minutes, Jovocik assumed a rigid position, staring directly at the door-oblivious to the mirror on the wall. When the interrogator finally enters the room, Jovocik’s eyes immediately focus on him as he scowls in a manner similar to a boxer staring down an opponent just before a fight. The interrogator is a military interrogator wearing a military uniform, but no rank insignia or identification.ALEKSANDAR JOVOCIK’S INTERROGATION.Mr. Brown: “Good morning Aleksandar, my name is Mr. Brown and I would like to know if there’s anything I can get you…perhaps some water or a cigarette?”Aleksandar: [in perfect English, while looking intensely at Mr. Brown] “Other than my immediate release, I do not require anything.”Mr. Brown: “Are you sure?”Aleksandar: “As I just stated, other than my immediate release, I do not require anything else.”Mr. Brown: “How have the Military Police been treating you?”Aleksandar: “They are threatening to beat me!” [his voice rising in intensity]Mr. Brown: “If you could tell me what the men looked like, I can have charges filed…”Aleksandar: […interrupting Mr. Smith] “It does not matter what they looked like or what their names were; you are all on Serbian territory illegally and should be evicted at once! Kosovo is a part of Serbia and NATO has no right to occupy our land! Would you sit idly by if Mexican troops occupied Texas?”Mr. Brown: [Calmly stating] “I realize the presence of NATO soldiers has caused some tensions within the Serbian community. Although we are only here as peacekeepers…”Aleksandar: [in a loud voice and intense stare] “You are lucky we Serbs don’t have any weapons, otherwise we would use them to drive you out of Serbia today! The explosion in Mitrovica should be a warning to all American and European troops to get out…NOW!Mr. Brown: [Acting surprised] “What happened in Mitrovica?”Aleksandar: [With veins bulging from his forehead] “A taste of what is to come!”[Aleksandar makes a sudden movement towards Mr. Brown prompting the Military Police to enter the room and remove Aleksandar, thereby ending the initial interrogation. Students will follow the Chicago Style as the sole citation and reference style used in written work submitted as part of coursework to the course. See A quick guide may be found at: The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017 available online at: The Author-Date system is recommended.

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