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thematic analysis report
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need to write a thematic analysis report. It is based on an interview which i have done already. i need to carry out a thematic analysis of the interview, code the transcript, using an inductive process where codes emerges from the data. I need to identify themes and link it to the research question which is: “Why did you choose to go to university?” Finally, show how the research question has been addressed drawing from the thematic analysis.
The report should include:
research question including the theory which informs it
sampling-who was the participant and why
methodology and methods-what was the methodological approach and why I chose the interview method and how it relates to the theory
ethical considerations
interview process-what happened
thematic analysis-what was the process of analysis that i carried out and did i find
critical reflection-provide a brief assessment of the process as a whole
summary and conclusion
Appendix: interview transcript
Heres the interview:
Interviewee: Good Morning, I’m gonna ask you a few questions as we agreed previously. I’ve given you the consent form. Thank you for agreeing in taking part in this interview.
Participant: Yes, sure.
Interviewee: Yeah and you’ve given me your consent and the information sheet is also for you to keep. So we are gonna start the interview now and the first question is:
1. Interviewee: Why did you choose to go to university?
Participant: The reason why I chose to go to university is for me to get a better job and to be able to be a good example for my children as you know now they are going to be teens er….now if I’m studying, basically they would follow a good example and they will do well…and as well for me and my family. I would be able to support my family, have a better education as more and more the society is getting …er..into education, that’s the reason.
2. Interviewee: Ok, would you say that finance was an issue in making a decision to go to uni?
Participant: Of course, definitely. Yes it has been an issue and er… you think how you are going to provide for your family while you are in.. in university while you are studying… especially if you are a full time student. You know basically you need to achieve, you need to be up to date with all your work, coursework so its time consuming so how are you going to provide for your family and also be able to study and manage the stress level too.
3. Interviewee: Ok, thank you and what would think you would say are the benefits of going to uni?
Participant: er..the, the benefits of going to the uni is er…I would say well being able to live at home while studying is a great advantage, no need to worry about accommodation! Ive also got a more mature attitude towards studying because I know I have to work hard as being a mature student, ive got one shot at this. Also being older, I feel I’m more confident in a way like…I’m more ready to speak up and ask questions than the youngsters. Er…also being in a society where many people are…educated, it’s better for you to fit into the community and you don’t feel left out..yeah and you feel better for yourself and also in the future you probably get a better job and to provide for your family.
4. Interviewee: Ok, thank you. What would you say are the disadvantages, if any?
Participant: well, the disadvantages of going to university especially…I’m just going to take the example of myself..i don’t know about those younger people but as for me, a mature student, I’m also a father and I’m also a husband and its..time consuming the amount of work that the university…er..give to you a heavy load…er..and sometime its quite heavy for you to carry and it does bring stress and also you worry and that does affect your health as well. The other thing is that money is tight especially like me I have three children, its hard at times to provide for their every need but well…it’s a sacrifice that I’m making! Well… oh and being older sometimes can be lonely as I don’t really go to any parties therefore don’t have any close friends etc but hey again…I’m here to study not to party or to make friends. I think I’ve done my bit of partying in the past so am not too bothered!
5. Interviewee: Ok, is there anything else you want to say?
Participant: Hmm… no not really…i think I spoke enough right?
Interviewee: Ok then, thank you very much for your time.

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