The funding sourceshadnorolein




coinvestigatoronaresearch grant fromGenentech·s Corporate Giving Scientific Project Support Program that isunrelated to this study andunrelated to any Genentechor Rocheproducts. No other disclosures are reported.

Roleof theFunde/rSpon sor: The funding sourceshadnorolein thedesign and conduct of th e study: analysis. and interpretationof the data: preparation. review. or approval of themanuscript: and decision to submit the manuscript for publication.

Disclaimer: Allauthors were employees of the VA at the timethis work was conducted. The viewsexpressed inthis article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the VA or the US Government.

Meeting Presentation:Anearlier version of this work was anoral presentation at the 2017 Veterans Affairs Health Services Research &Development (HSR&D)/ Quality Improv ementEnhancement Initiative (QUERI) National Conference: July 18-20. 2017: Arlington. Virginia.

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 JAMA Internal Medicine Published onlineJanuary 22.2018 E3

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