The evidence supports that patient education on fall risk lowers falls

EBP C361: Matrix Instructions


Author names- The names of the authors as they appear on the reference;

Journal Name- The name of the journal NOT the title of the article;

Research design- quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method;

Sample size; The number of people in the study;

Outcome variable- What the research is trying to measure or change or improve;

Level- See module 3 toolkits appendix C;

Quality- See module 3 toolkits appendix C;

Results/Author’s Suggested Conclusions- Write a couple sentences on how the research supports the intervention being recommended (in your own words)


The research design is quantitative (uses observation, survey/questionnaire, and has numbers in the results), qualitative (uses interviews or focus groups only, has words/themes in the results), or mixed methods.  Systematic reviews are also quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods depending on the types of articles reviewed (the sample size is the number of articles reviewed).


The research levels are pretty straight forward.  Quality Improvement Projects and articles without the sections of the research report that you learned about in task 1 are non-research and will not be in the matrix.  See levels below:


Level 1: Quantitative (randomized controlled trial) RCTs only or systematic review of RCTs only.  If it doesn’t state RCT in the methods, it is not RCT.

Level 2: Quantitative Quasi-Experimental only or systematic reviews of Quasi and RCTs or Quasi only.  If it doesn’t state Quasi-Experimental in the methods, it is not this design

Level 3: Everything else is level 3 including qualitative, case-control, cohort, descriptive, and mixed methods study designs.  If it is a systematic review that includes level 3 designs then it is level 3 systematic review.


E section revision:

This section should be a minimum of 4-6 sentences.  The first sentence names the single intervention that all the articles in the matrix support.  For example, “The evidence supports that patient education on fall risk lowers falls.”  Then write one sentence each for 2-3 of the studies in the matrix on how each article used education as an intervention to lower falls.  Each of the sentences must include an in text citation for that  research study.  For example, Intentional rounding was shown to decrease falls significantly over 3 months (Smith, Rogers, & Stein, 2014).


References rules for in text citations in E sections:


For the other sections use the


Concepts review step 2;

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