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For this assignment you will be applying the concepts from the
background readings to some specific scenarios that you might face if
you were a leadership development coach. Make sure to thoroughly review
Carelli (2010) and Mukherjee (2014) before starting on this assignment.

each of the scenarios below, put on your “coach” hat and use your
knowledge of the background readings to diagnose what went wrong and
what might be done to improve the situation. Use at least one reference
from the required or optional background readings for each answer, and
at least two total background readings. Your paper should be 2 pages
in length.

  1. An organization decides that they don’t want to
    spend the large amount of money to use a 360-degree survey from an
    established vendor and instead decides to develop their own survey. An
    employee in the human resource department is asked to create a list of
    50 questions about different areas of leadership performance. Two of the
    senior managers look at the questions briefly and then send out the
    survey as part of a 360-degree process. Once the results come in, there
    is no rhyme or reason to the results. For example, one top performing
    leader in the organization gets perfect performance scores from some
    employees and very negative scores from other employees. Management is
    not sure if the results from the survey can be trusted or not.
  2. A
    unit in one organization is having a lot of performance issues and
    senior management is not sure of the reasons for this. They don’t want
    to fire any employees but they do think some of the supervisors need to
    improve their leadership skills. The survey is sent to five employees,
    which includes two supervisors and three direct reports. They are told
    that the survey will be anonymous but the results of each survey will be
    shared with all five employees – only the names will be removed from
    each survey but they will all be able to see the evaluation scores on
    each question. When senior management sees the survey results, they find
    that all five employees received almost perfect scores and no useful
    information from the surveys can be found.
  3. A software company is
    concerned that they are losing market share to their competitors and
    that their software is not as high in quality as it used to be. In an
    effort to improve their competitiveness, they decide to use a 360-degree
    survey process to identify areas for improvement in leadership skills
    among their top supervisors in their software design department. After
    searching through a few different 360-degree instruments offered by
    different vendors, they find a survey that focuses on communication and
    teamwork skills. The process seems to go very well as supervisors who
    score low on communication or teamwork agree to go through training to
    improve these skills. One year later the 360-degree process is repeated
    and most supervisors show greatly improved communication and teamwork
    skills. However, the quality of the company’s software does not seem to
    have improved at all in spite of the improvements in communication and

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