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Read each paragraph and give me your opinion do you agree do you disagree with those 2 paragraphs one for each part and if you agree or disagree why or why not soc

1. When studying inequality it is important to look at wealth in addition to income. Income is a good indicator of the inequality in earning between the different races, overall wealth shows a much clearer picture. Wealth consists of all assets that have been accumulated. Often wealth is passed down to younger generations. Family wealth has been used to establish kids and grandkids in college so that they continue to be good earners and places them in a better position to succeed. White families are more likely to have more accumulated wealth to pass down. Minority families have much less wealth and often times have little or none to pass down to newer generations. The income gap is approximately 60 cents on the dollar when comparing African Americans or Hispanics to Whites, but the wealth gap is much wider at about 10 cents on the dollar. When you look at the big picture minority families have much less wealth than white families do and this causes these minority groups to be stuck in a lower socioeconomic status.
Minorities are still looked over for many jobs even in this day and age where many people consider us to be in a “post-racial” time. Just because we have had our first African American president, doesn’t mean that suddenly there is equality in hiring practices. Granted, all races have an opportunity to attend a good college and move on to a distinguished and high paying career, There is still a very big disparity between minorities and whites in high paying jobs. The idea that we all start from the same starting line is a myth that doesn’t take into account the institutionalized racism and bias among people who do the hiring. Whites still have a much better chance of obtaining higher paying jobs than Hispanics and African Americans. People often say that people should be happy to take lower paying jobs because having any job is better than no job. Tis is also a myth because the bottom line is that the lowest paying jobs such as fast food jobs do not pay enough for a person to live off of much less a single mother trying to raise more than one kid. People who work in these positions face social stigmatization from people within their community and are looked down upon as being too unintelligent or lazy to get a better paying job. Granted people who have these jobs are not looked down on like people who do not work at all and even though they are stigmatized, many of them still have a sense of pride at the fact that at least they are trying to support themselves rather than relying on welfare.

2. The importance of wealth when it comes to inequality is rather crucial as it is the most immediate ‘quality’ scrutinized. Wealth differs from income as wealth is the total worth of a person and their assets/possessions, collectively. It does not mean they necessarily have a high paying job as many come into large inheritances, thus changing their ‘net worth’. Income, however, is rather different as it is the amount a person is compensated for work or services they have provided. Wealth is not necessarily distributed so much as it is accumulated and passed down through families, older families, and their decedents, keeping to a certain ‘social’ class of elitists ‘born’ to wealth rather than part of the social glass that works for their money. The usual race or ethnicity of the wealthy does tend to fall heavily among the white population. Having wealth greatly effects the ability to access certain jobs and get into certain fields with promotability.
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