Strategies for academic portfolios

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Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by offering additional ideas regarding academic achievements to include or offering alternative ways of presenting the current achievements.

Minimum 2-3 resources, about 200-250 words.  


Breanna Bucco

RE: Discussion – Week 8


A nursing portfolio is a tremendous asset to building confidence in your career. It preserves your educational, clinical, and professional achievements. It is a documentation of your skills and nursing experiences. One strategy to adopt when creating and enhancing a nursing portfolio is to chronologically detail the history of your professional career (Davis, 2015). Placing the events in order shows clinical development, experience, and growth. Another strategy is to list certifications, credentials, and any continuing education that has improved your career as a nurse in a specific field or with a particular population. A final strategy is to utilize the nursing portfolio as a guide and goal for the future years of your career (Davis, 2015). Establishing promotions you want to achieve, certifications you wish to obtain, licenses you wish to earn, and courses to improve your nursing licensure will guide your career path (Davis, 2015). Listing these goals shows future employers’ drive and determination.

Emphasis on Social Change

The Walden University Center for Social Change is meant to be a connective hub that promotes, facilitates, and supports collaborative alliances (Walden University, n.d.). As a nurse, you can view your colleagues, professors, and mentors as your hub. By networking, you promote, facilitate and support future alliances. Walden University’s social change mission focuses on action research and projects that lead to sustainable positive social change. As nurses, we must be active in policy and quality improvement. We can contribute to this positive social change and add to the community by remaining active.


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Lydia Cole

RE: Discussion – Week 8

According to Casey and Egan, a professional portfolio should be more than just a resume or curriculum vitae. A professional portfolio should be a collection of documents that provides evidence of how an individual has developed personally and professionally. Providing a portfolio to future employers or workplaces contributes to one’s professional development goals by showcasing an individual’s accomplishments and achievements (2010).

One strategy a student may integrate academic activities and accomplishments into one’s professional goals is by sharing clinical experiences (Hannans & Olivo, 2017). For example, when I begin my field experience requirements for the FNP pathway, I can include the facility where I shadowed for PRAC 6552 Advanced Nurse Practice in Reproductive Health Care Practicum. I can include that this practicum requires 160 hours at the site of choice and a requirement to see 100 GYN patients and 25 OB patients. I can also include that I am required to perform internal vaginal exams and breast exams during this practicum. I can also include any electronic documentation systems I used at this field site (Hannans & Olivo, 2017).

Another strategy a student can include in one’s professional development plan is an expressed interest to join and actively participate in a professional organization. Professional organizations bring nurses together and allow nurses to use their voices to create change and serve the profession’s community (Walden University LLC., 2018). For example, I recently joined the Delaware Coalition of Nurse Practitioners organization as a student. From this membership, I can be kept up to date on any regulation/policy changes to the nursing field, any upcoming job opportunities, etc.

Sharing one’s clinical experiences in a professional development plan contributes to Walden’s emphasis on social change by supporting the development of knowledgeable scholar-practitioners (Walden University, 2022). Walden’s academic requirements contribute to a student’s professional and educational advancement by using comprehensive, constructive academic programs such as the FNP specialization. Joining a professional nursing organization also contributes to Walden’s emphasis on social change by applying one’s ideas and voice to improve human and social conditions (Walden University, 2022).  


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