Role of tests

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Imagine that you are the new principal of a new private elementary school that caters to gifted and talented children. Your task is to write a letter to the parents of the children, explaining the role psychological tests will play in their child’s education this year.

Write a draft of your letter, beginning Dear Parent, and include the following in your letter:

  • Explain why tests of school ability (as well as related abilities are or not) are necessary in a school setting.
  • The role tests will (and will not) play at the school.
  • Explain how any test that is going to be used will be selected (e.g., criteria).
  • Explain how parents will be informed of findings with respect to readiness, achievement, and ability.

Submission Details:

  • Post your response to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned. Respond to at least two posts by the end of the week.
  • Use an APA style reference list with in-text citations in your initial response.
  • Use an APA style reference list with in-text citations in at least one of your two responses to classmates.

Week 5

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Jacqueline Julien posted Jun 27, 2022 11:15 AM


Hey everyone,

Discussing testing with parents is one of my favorite parts of providing assessments for children; or maybe it is not. There needs to be enough information in the report and it needs to be stated in a way that people who are not psychologists can understand. To get you started here is a format template and descriptions that you can follow (Some thoughts on the format for a psychological report, n.d.)

Your job this week to explain to parents why you would choose a certain assessment and utilize that instrument for testing of their children. Draft a letter as described above discussing the assessment you would use. Even though you are writing your response in the form of a letter, you must still use references and citations for the assignment.

Types of Cognitive Ability Tests.html

Types of Cognitive Ability Tests

An achievement test is a type of cognitive ability test that assesses the knowledge of a person about a specific subject. From the many types of achievement tests that exist, you must choose the one that best suits your purpose.

While choosing an achievement test, you must keep in mind the purpose of the test, the psychometric properties of the test, and test norms.

It may sound quite obvious, but it is important to know why the test is being administered. Ensure that the test is appropriate for the age group of the people being assessed. In addition, you must consider other practical issues such as the time taken to administer the test, the cost of the test, and difficulty in scoring.

The test must also be both reliable and valid. Make sure that the test manual provides a detailed description of the methods used by test developers for establishing the reliability and validity of the test. For example, if test publishers validated a test on a sample of Caucasian middle school children residing in an upper-middle-class area of the country, the test might not have the same level of validity for other populations.

Many standardized achievement tests provide norms for score comparisons. Norms are the standards against which the test scores are interpreted based on a standardized group of respondents taking the test. For example, to determine what level of performance on a particular achievement test is equivalent to the sixth-grade level, the test developers would administer the test to a large group of sixth graders. Then on the basis of the results, the performance standards are defined.

Personality Type.html

Personality Type

The content of which any given test is composed varies based on what construct is being measured. There are numerous different types of psychological assessments, and based on the content of the test, the format varies with it.

A common way in which information is gathered is through responses given to a series of statements. The statements are usually responded to using some type of scale, and the options on the scale vary along a continuum.

An example of a test that utilizes this type of assessment technique is the big five profile, which asks individuals to rate the degree to which they agree to given statements, and it measures five core personality traits.

Another type of test presents test-takers with statements and only offers two choices, or agree/disagree in order to gather responses.

For example, the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator places individuals into four dichotomies based on their agree/disagree responses. In certain businesses and organizations, tests are given in order to estimate what type of management style job candidates have. As a means of deciding whether individuals would be a good fit with the company’s values and goals, the management style inventory was created and also utilizes a two-choice response format.

Most of these tests are administered in settings controlled for environmentally confounding factors, and use a pencil and paper for individuals to complete the tests. Some newer tests, however, are taken at assessment centers and are given using a computer.

Week 5 Discussion- Letter to Parents

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Danielle Harris posted Jun 30, 2022 5:59 PM


Week 5 Discussion- Letter to Parents

Danielle Harris

SUO_PSY3800 Introduction to Psychological Testing and Assessments

Dr. Julian


Dear Parent/Guardian of student,

I am the new principal here at South Hills private elementary school. I am introducing a new technique that should grant a better start for the talented and gifted children amongst us. Psychological and ability tests are being introduced to enhance the childrens achievements, performance, and enhance them even further. I am excited to inform you of this new program because it will also test their abilities and measure psychologically how cognitively advanced they are. These tests are not bias. This is not harmful in any sort.

In the WAIS-IV, as well as in the WISC-V and WPPSI-IV, Wechsler’s basic approach is maintained. First, there are individual subtests, each of which is related to a basic underlying skill or ability (see Table 10.1). For example, the information subtest measures one’s range of knowledge. Each of the various subtests is also part of a broader “index.” On the WAIS-IV, the subtests are sorted into four indexes: verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, working memory, and processing speed. The full-scale IQ (FSIQ) is then based on the summed scores of these four indexes. The validity of the WAIS-IV rests heavily on its correlation with earlier versions of the test. However, the Wechsler tests are considered among the most valid in the world today for measuring IQ (Kaplan, 2017).

Children will come into class on July 10th, 2022 and start the assessment. We will be testing multiple grades over a week period. 4th, 5th, and 6th grade will be tested. Once the test are completely administered, they will be sent off. We should get the results back within the week following testing week. Those scores will be then administered to parents or guardians of the child.

Their education is a great commitment and we hope each and every one of the parents are aware. We would like them to be knowledgeable of what is being measured. We are excited to advance our students in any possible way. If there are any questions, please feel free to send me an email, text, or phone call. Once results are back, we will send out each students test scores, individually, by mail or portal. Then we can follow up after that on the direction we should take. I appreciate your patience, commitment and support!


Danielle Harris


Kaplan, R. M., & Saccuzzo, D. P. (2017). Psychological Testing: Principles, Applications, and Issues (9th Edition). Cengage Limited.


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Discussion week #5

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Daniela Reyes posted Jun 30, 2022 9:11 PM


· Write a draft of your letter, beginning Dear Parent, and include the following in your letter:

Dear Parent,

Students in Clear Creek are generally high achieving. The superintendent of Bartow County’s school’s main priority is “educating the whole child” and recognizes the importance of addressing educational factors impacting students’ success in school beyond the traditional curriculum and academic influences. Rigorous learning opportunities exist for students in the Gifted and Talented program at all grade levels. The goal is to provide resources to engage and develop GT students who are academically successful and provide a more challenging environment to continue to keep them exciting and involved in learning.

Gifted Services are designed for students who demonstrate above-average achievement or potential in general intellectual ability, specific subject matter aptitude, and creative/productive thinking skills. Criteria for selection include cognitive skill tests, professional recommendations, classroom performance, and portfolio samples. All kindergarten students are screened for possible testing throughout the school year.

Your child’s teacher has requested that your child be considered a gifted identification testing candidate. To determine whether you believe testing is appropriate for your child, please feel to read all the procedure and details of what constitutes a gifted student. All testing will be taken during the first hours of school days, making students responsible for any missed assignments. Students will be evaluated in four different areas, creative ability, leadership ability, cognitive ability, and Reading & Math ability. These areas will be tested using a multiple criteria assessment approach, which means that many sources of information are reviewed over time before formally identifying a student as gifted in one or more of the four areas evaluated. Standardized test scores for all students are screened for evidence of exceptionally high-performance levels on achievement tests. This process, along with nominations, yields a list of nominees based on an 85% score or above, from which GT teachers will begin the gathering process. Suppose students meet the district criteria according to the review team. In that case, the student’s name and profile sheet are sent electronically to the district Gifted and Talented Administrator and added to the district database. Parents will receive a detailed report summarizing the student’s results (CCISGT, 2022).



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