Respond to each classmate 100 words or more The question they had to answer. (After reading the assigned scripture, discuss the biblical principles you see exemplified in the U.S. Constitution and h

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Respond to each classmate 100 words or more

The question they had to answer. (After reading the assigned scripture, discuss the biblical principles you see exemplified in the U.S. Constitution and how these principles can be applied to business. Be specific, using examples to illustrate your points.)

Classmate 1

Within the United States Constitution, several different biblical principles can be found. One of the first statements in the constitution that brought me back to the Bible was “We the people of the United States of America…” This statement is similar to how we view ourselves as Christians. “We the people of God…” As God’s people, and people of the United States of America, we are working together to create a better country per the law and per the Bible.

One of our assigned readings from the Bible for the week was Proverbs 21:15. It says, “When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers,” (2007). The United States Constitution shows biblical principles directly related to this Bible verse. When justice is served through laws from the Constitution to those who deserve it, there is a sense of peace or joy for the victim and uncertainty or terror for the wrongdoer. This could be shown in the form of prison time, restraining order, or many other forms of justice.

Other ways that the Constitution has biblical principles is by providing citizens with rules and laws to follow. According to our textbook, “the U.S. Constitution itself is a simple and short document,” (Jennings, 2018). Similarly, God has provided His people with a list of Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments is basically a document where almost all of the rules that God wants us to follow are located. If a United States citizen breaks something written in the Constitution, or a follower of Christ breaks one of the Ten Commandments, there will be consequences to face. As Christians, we should relate to both of them and apply them to our lives.

Classmate 2

The U.S. Constitution exemplify many principles taught in the Holy Bible. Many of these principles deal with the fair and ethical treatment of humans. The Bill of Rights seek to protect a person’s ability to worship and practice their religion as they see fit. However, one of the major correlations that we can see is the implementation of a check and balance system. Due to the fact that humans are flawed and won’t always do what is right all the time, the constitution created oversight to ensure that each part of our government is doing the right thing. Jeremiah 17:9 tells us that we have a deceitful heart and cannot be trusted. So by the government being split into three branches, no one group hold the power, we like to think. We can look at the constitution as functioning in the roles that God did in Isaiah33, it provides law, judgement, and when in need of defence it provides protection.

Just as the Constitution provide checks and balances for the government, businesses function well when there is a similar system in place. Checks and balances in a business can help prevent financial lost and the misuse of power. There must be controls placed on inventory, logging of supplies in and out, and external bookkeeping. By having these simple controls in place, a business can function just as the constitution and the Hebrews by having a representative type management and the appropriate controls within the company to ensure that no one person or group is controlling the operation of the organization.

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