Requirements; -It needs to be in Report format for a “Lay Panel of people”(limited understanding…

-It needs to be in Report format for a “Lay Panel of people”(limited understanding & technical knowledge).
– Its for the board to make decisions on.. into the future for short to long term practices.
– “Its a loose brief”; so a tactical knowledge should be applied to the report.
-I only need “Key facts” as I will be using this to formate my final draft submission and some concluded thinking based on the facts.
-It needs to be Based on Higher education facilities management/ Estates Management practices in the UK. This is the brief;
Report should evaluate the good practice guidance that is available on estate management and estate management practice in other universities (at both strategic and operational levels), and assess the appropriateness of this guidance for ‘your’ university, focusing, in particular, on the following areas:
How to link effectively the estate strategy to the university’s ‘core business’ strategy (teaching, research, consultancy, and knowledge exchange).
Improvements in space management.
Improvements in the management of maintenance.
Ways in which the estate strategy could demonstrate the university’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (including environmental and energy management).
The report should also refer to the management processes involved (the ways in which decisions are taken, the management of quality and risk, how strategic and operational activities are linked, etc.).
In order to ‘evaluate’ university guidance and practice and to justify your conclusions, you should draw upon guidance and practice in other parts of the public sector (health, schools, police, etc.), and on the academic literature that offers a critique of this guidance and practice. * You should assume that ‘your’ university is currently performing poorly in comparison to the medians cited in the Estate Management Statistics. References;
It needs these three references included in the report as well as others; Edwards, Victoria and Ellison, Louise (2004) Corporate Property Management ; Aligning Real Estate with Business Strategy, Oxford: Blackwell Science Haynes, B. And Nunnington, N (2010) Corporate Real Estate Management – Strategy and Implementation, EG Books. Baker, David (2007) Strategic Change Management in Public Sector Organisations Oxford: Chandos. other references I do suggest using; Higher Education Funding Council for England (2000) Estate Strategies; a guide to Good Practice HEFCE January 00/04 National Audit Office (2006) Getting the Best from Public Sector Office Accommodation London: The Stationery Office. Try the following link: NHS Estates (2005) Developing an Estate Strategy; Modernising the NHS London: The Stationery Office Maintenance and Energy Management: Burton, Simon Ed. (2001) Energy Efficient Office Refurbishment James & James. Chanter Barrie and Swallow Peter (2007) Building Maintenance Management (2nd Ed) Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. Department for Education and Skills (2000-2003) Asset Management Plans (Guidance Documents Section 1-7). Try the following link: Higher Education Funding Council for England (1998) Building Repairs and Maintenance
Study in the Higher Education Sector; National Report HEFCE June 98/30, and Management Review Guide HEFCE June 98/31.
NB Notes: If I am happy with the results I will recommission the work to be carried further, I want to see where the writer goes, before spending larger sums of money…

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