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In order for the population of the United States to benefit from optimal quality health care, it must effectively have certain policies that are strongly coordinated within a public health system, considering the role of the health care sector in ensuring the nation’s health.

Health care policy and systems refer to the set of objectives, decisions, and implementation actions that determine the mode of administration and access to health care. Health policy is always subject to change, for this reason, nurses should always have representation in Congress to also advocate for their own needs. (Bartmess et al., 2021).

All professional groups and different private and public purchasing health organizations should act together and work on the same purpose of decreasing the burden of disease, slowing disability statistics, and improving the health system in the United States. On the other hand, when policy objectives are focused on ensuring equitable coverage of all people with chronic diseases, injuries and disabilities leads to compromising access to health care services and proper management.

The nursing staff plays a critical role in performing different functions to ensure that there is a healthier audience and that the cost of health care is reduced. A nurse can be a great health promoter, she can be an educator, and at the same time a caregiver. An advanced nurse can drive and lead policy reforms to achieve a health system that is more equitable and provides a higher quality of care. Nurses have an important and innovative role in health clinics by encouraging the development of home visiting programs for low-income mothers and avoiding repeated hospitalizations, at a lower cost as well as access to rural areas. (Teuteberg et al., 2019). The emphasis should be on quality and safety, evidence-based practice, research, leadership, teamwork, and collaboration, critical to seamless high-quality care and the involvement of policymakers and stakeholders.

All nurses must maintain up-to-date training to provide culturally competent care. The development of nursing research contributes to the construction of the scientific bases for clinical practice, preventive actions, and obtaining better results in the recovery of patients’ health. The use of modern medical technology should establish electronic documentation systems to improve the quality of services. (Mason et al., 2020).

By working with physicians, nurses can provide cost-effective care and help minimize the shortage of medical staff in primary care and together as members of a health team advocate for patients, families, caregivers, and communities.

This course has allowed us to deepen and enrich our knowledge about the formation and structure of health care policy and the role of politics in the provision of health services based on ethical and legal principles by examining their levels of development, as well as the impact of economic and political issues, established in health care reform. As future nurse practitioners, it has provided us with new knowledge as well as visualizing ourselves more clearly in the management of patients and their environment in the community.


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