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Proper in-text citations and references are of particular importance in APA writing. Why is the use of citations and references the cornerstone of APA research? What are two reasons to use citations and references?

Reply 1 brit ( 100 words)

The most important reason why an author needs to use citations is to avoid claiming another author’s work or idea as their own. There are consequential results when individuals claim another author’s work as their own body of work. This is because the credit for the effort and hard work goes to another individual. Therefore, citations and references are essential, so the author can prove they diligently conducted their research. The American Psychological Association (APA) is one perspective an author may cite their work and is used in writing with the social science and science disciplines. There are two ways that are important for the author to show their readers their sources, and that is through in-text citations and a reference list at the end of their work (Staines, 2019).  
When authors use citations in their work, they show the reader their research path that led them to the conclusions and observations in their body of work. This is accomplished through citations. Citation offers verification about how the author can be trusted because they are appropriately showing that their work can be proven and checked. When an author has the possibility of their work checked or looked into makes the information they are presenting more credible to their audience, and thus, the body of work gains more reliability. Enabling the audience to discover further resources on the subject helps them see how the sources shaped the author’s opinions and perspective. This is also an opportunity for the audience to look into the author’s resources and perhaps understand the subject deeper (Staines, 2019). 

Reply 2 feliz (100 words)

Citations and references are important in research because it gives credit to researchers or authors of the material. Using material as your own without properly citing your source is considered plagiarism.

Two reason we use citations and references is for maintain a uniform paper and making it easier for a reader to locate your information.

Maintaining a uniform paper is important because it helps the researcher provide the necessary information in the sources used. With proper information the reader will be able to follow the flow of the paper and they’ll have an expectation of what they will be reading. APA style can be detail oriented which is a skill that is needed when conducting scientific analysis because of the short information obtained. Creating accurate citations will help a researcher become more credible (Sankaran, 2016).

Using references makes information easier to locate. When using APA method in research papers citations are important because readers can track your references (Sankaran, 2016). They can follow your sources and if they would like to explore your citation further the references give them access to the information. References can also allow the reader to access the publication date of the information used in your research which is important when conducting research in subjects such as social sciences.


There are a number of strategies/principles to improve your writing. Conduct an online search and consult your text. Identify one general principle of writing that you think would improve your writing. Why do you believe this particular principle would be useful for your writing? What obstacles might you encounter in implementing this strategy?

Reply 1 shan (100 words)

There are various ways that a writer can improve their writing skills. Continuity and flow, conciseness and clarity, and avoiding biased language are just some strategies that will help improve an author’s writing skills. When reviewing my own writing I believe that I would benefit from avoiding biased language. I have the tendency to insert my own personal views into my research in an attempt to connect and make it seem more personal. This helps me to develop concepts and a flow when I am writing but on the other hand, I notice that I can make the reader believe that my views are the same as the source. In some instances this may be true however, that is not the case all the time. One of the major obstacles that I would face implementing this principle is trying to figure out how to get my creative juices flowing without making the topic personal and picking a side. This is typically a problem for most writers because of our beliefs and the things that we are interested in. We live in a world where you typically cannot not be neutral on a topic, you are required to pick a side. With those types of pressures, it is hard to train your mind to read an article or even watch the news without determining what side you are on regarding a topic. This is a strategy that I will continue to work on and hopefully develop as a less biased writer.

Reply 2 feliz (100 words)

There are various writing strategies that can be used when writing your research paper. Different research requires different types of strategies to be used. Our topics dictated what kind of strategy we use for our papers. According to Writers Write there are 10 principles in writing a paper. Out of those 10 principles I think sound and rhythm will help improve my writing skills. Being able to articulate what I’m thinking and ensuring that it flows is very important for my topic on a successful marriage. I want to be able to grasp my readers attention and in the process be informative. I want my reader to be able to relate to what I’m researching and take from my research paper. I also want a paper that flow smoothly and is easy to follow. The problem that I can see myself running into is organizing my material and making sure everything flows. I’m concerned with moving around my paper and the information does not make sense when reading it. If that happens to me, I hope the critique I get from my peers will keep me on a guided path and help me maintain an organized paper.


Take 15 minutes and complete Chapter 2’s  #2 exercise of “KICK-STARTS: Beginning Your Story” on p. 148 of your eText. Don’t worry about polishing the piece. Just dive in and write as much as you can about the two characters going after each other, as fast as you can in that time, and see how far into the story you can push it. Give it a once-over after that to correct any obvious spelling or punctuation errors and leave it at that. Then, provide an outline for the rest of the story, bearing in mind the assigned readings, especially on plot and story. Post the results as your main response in the discussion.

Reply (50 words)

It was a dreary day in Bartlesville, the rain had just taken a break in its downpour as Connor and McKenna were getting off school and headed home. The walk home from them was just around the corner from Bartlesville High School but still took them a minute to get home. They walked in silence as they avoided the puddles in the road. There were no cars driving by as most of the adults who lived on their street were either off picking up there own kids or still at work. As they reached their house McKenna asked Conner

“Do you think Gram is off work today?”

Connor shrugged his shoulders as he turned the doorknob to walk inside the house. Usually they were met with the sound of nails tapping on the hard wood in the kitchen from their dog Asoka, but today they did not hear anything. It was almost too quiet in the house as there was no one else home Connor looked at McKenna and said

“I had a long day at school, I’m going to play some Xbox before Oliva gets home. You should probably get started on your homework.”

she throws her backpack down and says

“No, I’m calling mom.”

She reaches for her phone and realizes it is not in her pocket where she usually keeps it. McKenna looks at Connor as the rain starts to pour down again with a booming thunder right behind it. Suddenly the tornado sirens start to go off. This isn’t their first tornado but, they haven’t been home alone for one. They quickly grab pillows, blankets, their tennis shoes, and helmets as they climb down the stairs to get to the safest part of the house. They hear the roar of the wind as the house starts to shake. Connor reaches for his phone to see if he has any messages from his mother and also realizes he left it upstairs by his Xbox.


Where: Bartlesville, Oklahoma smack middle of tornado alley.

Action: Two siblings ride out a tornado home alone with no phones.

Climax: The tornado hits their house causing the roof to fall in the kids are unharmed but trapped in the rubble of the house.

Falling action: The storm leaves and they try to dig themselves out of the rubble to find a neighbor to call their mother.

Resolution: After a day and a half of trying to get out the fire department sends out dogs to search for people in the rubble the kids are found and after a few hours of digging they are rescued but somehow the tornado picked them and the house up and moved them across town.

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