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3 pages and cover and bibliography also

Unit 2 Transcript

Imagine that you are the human resource manager for a hospital.  Your job involves dealing with the people within the organization. In looking at HRM we can split the views of HRM into two roles.

First, we can say HRM is a staff or support function. HRM is there to provide assistance to line employees or those directly involved in producing the goods or services of the organization.

Second, HRM is a function of every manager’s job within the organization. Managers utilize the four basic functions in conjunction with the HR department with staffing, training and development, motivation, and assist in keeping employees.

HR works with managers and executive leaders and decision makers within the organization to align these functions with the organizational goals and strategies. HR has a key role in the support of strategy building, developing and maintaining a productive and talented workforce to achieve the strategic goals. In the Assignment for Unit 2, strategy comes into play as you are given a scenario to decide which employees will be laid off by the organization and those who will be kept. This is not an easy decision and various factors are to be considered.

 As a group, identify the names of two individuals you will submit for a permanent lay off by using the brief descriptions. Before doing so, you need to develop at least two criteria you will use to make your decision. Discuss other options you might suggest to meet the requirement of downsizing by two employees without resorting to layoffs and include this in your paper. Discuss and document what you will do to (1) assist the two individuals who have been let go and (2) assist the remaining three employees. You will summarize your group discussion, criteria used in making your decision and determine the two individuals including why they were chosen in a written report. (3–5 pages in length, APA formatted, Cover Page, and Bibliography)

These are the two that are being laid off Donovan Taylor and . Gabriella Santos. The reason that they are being laid off is because all the other employees can sue  for some  type of discrimination

  1. DonovanTaylor,AfricanAmericanmale,age44.Donovanhasbeenwithyouforfive months and has twelve years of experience in the company in systems management. He has a degree in computer science and a master’s degree in accounting. He is a CPA. Donovan has had average evaluations over the past four years but he did save the company $200,000 on a suggestion he made to use electronic time sheets

2.  Mathew Pollard, Caucasian male, age 30. Mathew has been with the company for eight years. Three years ago, Mathew was involved in a plane accident on the airport runway while returning from a business trip for your company. As a result of the accident, he has become disabled and is wheel-chair bound. There are rumors he is on the verge of settlement which will result in millions of dollars. His performance evaluations have been above average in the past four years. He has a bachelor’s degree in human resource management and an MBA from a top business school. Mathew specializes in training, career, and organizational development activities.

3. Gabriella Santana, Hispanic female, age 60. Hannah has just completed her Juris Doctorate program. She has recently passed the bar exam. She has been with your department for five years. Her evaluations have been good to above average. Two years ago, Hannah won a lawsuit against the company for discriminating against her in a promotion to a supervisory position. The water cooler talk has it that Hannah is actively pursuing another job outside the company.

4. RandyJames,AfricanAmericanmale,age35.Randyhasbeenemployedwithyour company for six years, all in HRM. He has a master’s in human development. His evaluations have been above average. He is committed to getting the job done and devotes whatever it takes. He is highly motivated and will take on tasks that others shy away from, and he has been instrumental in starting up the benefits administration intranet for employees.

5. MallorieShields,Caucasianfemale,age30.Malloriehasbeenemployedwithyour department for two years. Her evaluations have been outstanding. Mallorie has an MBA from an Ivy League school. She has been on short term disability for the birth of her second child and is expected to return in 21 weeks.

Assignment Requirements

Discussion and development of two criteria used for the layoff decision

Discussion and documentation of what assistance will be provided to the two employees laid off

Discussion and documentation of the assistance provided to remaining employees

Discussion of why the two individuals were chosen to be laid off.

Collaborate with team on team Discussion Board; participation was meaningful.

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