Psychology- Design –

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Psychology- Design
A 2000 word document (not including references)
Task Description
For this assignment you are required to answer four short essay questions on general design
and methodological issues. This assignment is to not be plagiarised in any way, shape or form.
Under no circumstances should any single answer be more than
500 words long (approximately one standard A4 page), and you must provide a word count
at the end of each answer. Some questions may require a longer answer than others, and
don’t feel as though you have to write 500 words for each answer—that is the absolute
maximum. Please answer the questions in full text form rather than by using bullet points
and other summarising methods. All reference material must be cited and referenced in
correct APA style. Feel free to cite websites, but if you do so, reference and cite them
correctly. There needs to be 8-12 references used.
Essay Questions
1. “Science is the best way to answer questions, explain causal relationships in nature,
and test the effectiveness of treatments.” Do you agree with this statement? Take a
position and defend it.
2. What is the best design for an intervention study? Describe a hypothetical
intervention study and outline how you would design such a study. Make sure that
you describe all of the essential features of the design that you choose, and make
sure that you point out why each of those features is necessary for your design.
3. “There is more likely to be a causal relationship between the variables investigated
in a quasi-experimental design than a correlational design”. Yes? No? Maybe?
Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of these designs in answering this
question. Examples of your own devising will help.
4. “When—if ever—is deception acceptable in psychological research? Describe the
ethical principles that support your position. Give an example of the use of
deception in psychological research (either real or fabricated) to illustrate your
answer and support your view.”
? The quality of writing, including presentation, grammar, spelling and expression. The
essays are to be written in objective, scientific style, and all citing and referencing
must be in APA style.
The quality of writing, including presentation, grammar, spelling and expression. The essays are to be written in objective, scientific style, and all citing and referencing must be in APA style.
Writing is very clear, and the author executes an objective scientific style in his/her writing. All sources are referenced accurately.
The quality of reference material, and how that reference material has been used in answering the question, and in support of the argument.
The author uses high quality referencing material where appropriate, and uses it deftly to support his/her argument.
The extent to which the essay has answered the question.
The author has directly and precisely answered the question, and his/her essay provides convincing evidence in defending a position.
The structure of the essay, including the balance of information; that is, has the right amount of material been provided for each element of the essay question.
The essay is very well-structured, and the author has used great balance of materials across sections, showcasing a succinct and flowing argument.
Primary and secondary sources are to be used. Mainly primary sources for core information. Please use Google Scholar to find papers. Only use websites like Wikipedia for background information, never use them as a source.

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