Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Inner Confines of Soren Kierkegaard Fear and Trembling. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Gu

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Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Inner Confines of Soren Kierkegaard Fear and Trembling. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In terms of philosophy, he pressured the emphasis on concrete thinking rather than placing one’s thoughts in an abstract manner. In one of his greatest works, Fear, and Trembling he wrote about how an individual should focus on his or her own choices and make their own decisions rather than being influenced by societal ideas and ideologies. In theology, he questioned the belief and faith of Christianity and the relationship between human beings and Jesus. He wrote about how he believed that the sole motive and purpose of one’s life was to try and understand as well as develop and nurture his own self in order to attain a certain degree of self-actualization and realization. He actively preached and supported how a person had to make choices based on the kind of life he was going to live, and how one’s faith was rational as per his own standards. Whatever a person commits to or undergoes is because he has inflicted it upon himself. Therefore, he came to the conclusion that being truly oneself was an unswerving action of determination or will. Kierkegaard also did not want the public to know about his writing on a direct basis because he believed in a spiritual understanding and brought about his communication with a higher power for the purpose of understanding for the common people. This was again his method of communicating indirectly with everyone else, and at the same time, reaching to God on a higher level as well. In a number of his works, he wrote fierce dialogues ranging between two or more people that were nothing but figments of his own self. Even though a number of different names were used for each work, journal or book, all the voices, in the end, were coming from Kierkegaard himself and the kind of relationship he shared with a higher power. He used this method in every piece of writing that he did and this was thus, his way of communicating his thoughts to the rest of the world. In Fear and Trembling, Kierkegaard has made an attempt in order to try and explain the relationship between Abraham and his son Isaac. Within this work, he has tried to emphasize how a person has to make choices based on his own life in order to be one with God and try and attain a level of actualization. This was the dilemma that Abraham faced in his life. he could both listen to God’s wishes and sacrifice his son for the greater good, or not. One way Abraham would become a savior for his child, and the other way, prove his loyalty towards his religious faith. He writes, “Who gave strength to Abraham’s arm? Who held his right hand up so that it did not fall limp at his side? He who gazes at this becomes paralyzed. Who gave strength to Abraham’s soul, so that his eyes did not grow dim, so that he saw neither Isaac nor the ram? He who gazes at this becomes blind.–And yet rare enough perhaps is the man who becomes paralyzed and blind, still rarer one who worthily recounts what happened. We all know it–it was only a trial.” Through this paragraph he talks about the difference it can make to one’s life to follow a faith and how at the same time, it was only rational that Abraham devoted his life to God. by ‘it was only a trial’, he means to say that it was God’s own test that Abraham had to pass if he gave Him the utmost importance.&nbsp.

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