Provide a 3 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Characterization of Nea and Her Close Relationship with Her Sister in Saving Sourdi, a Short Story by May-Lee Chai. Prepare this

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Provide a 3 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Characterization of Nea and Her Close Relationship with Her Sister in Saving Sourdi, a Short Story by May-Lee Chai. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Nea, to be specific, grew up around her sister, Sourdi, with whom she developed a close relationship. The two-character have grown up together and have stayed together for the better part of their lives. Their close bond is revealed in several sections of the literature piece. Sourdi and Nea are the main characters in the narrative.

The short story primarily characterizes Nea as a caring and loving character. Through her nature, May-Lee Chai reveals a strong connection in the family of the two sibling characters. Furthermore, the author also presents an idea of the changes that occur as members of a family mature. More to it, below is the description of the character of Nea and her close relationship with her sister in Saving Sourdi, a short story by May-Lee Chai:

Nea is Nervous and Aggressive

In the story, Nea takes up the role of the primary character and narrator throughout the narrative. Even though she and her sibling grew up together most of their lives, there is a notable difference between each character. Correspondingly, the disparity is particularly noted in the way Nea and Sourdi are maturing. In essence, the latter seemed to grow quicker than Nea. The lag in her growth has been revealed to make her nature more nervous and aggressive. The two natures of her character are illustrated by the author throughout the entire story.

Nea’s Protective Desire to Save Sourdi

Despite Nea having a drawback in maturity, several instances in the piece demonstrated her desire to save and protect her sister. Unlike Nea, Sourdi is more of the ‘insecure’ type. As such, her sister attempts to protect her from her insecure feelings and other predicaments that she would face in her maturity.&nbsp. However, her intentions did not succeed on several occasions. More of Nea’s purposes of saving her sister also show an adequate level of perseverance.

Ideally, Nea’s physical nature would probably be the reason why she intends to save her sister from men. May-Lee Chai brings out the character of Sourdi as more beautiful and appealing to men. On the other hand, the character of Nea is less of stunning beauty. She interprets the differences between her and her sibling as an aspect of a threat to their warm sisterhood. All the same, she perceives her sister’s appeal as a threat to steal Sourdi’s attention. Well, the case does not have any significant truth in it.

Nea has a Protective Nature

Although Saudi seems to be more mature and attractive than her sister, the latter undoubtedly dominates her. Seemingly, her character holds an absolute position that is expected of her sister. Nea’s authoritative nature is shown when she refuses to support her sister’s relationship with Mr. Chhay- Sourdi’s husband. As naïve as she is, she fights the fact that Mr. Chhay is taking her sister away from her. She goes on to fight to be close to her sister, just like when they used to enjoy their sisterhood.

Primarily, her protective nature is demonstrated as she tries to fight for closeness with her sibling. Additionally, she accurately demonstrates her intent to fight anything and anyone that would come between her and her sister. However, her protective nature crosses the line when she drags Duke into her sister’s marriage without proof that Chhay was attacking her loved one.

The Figure is Hard-headed and Acts on Impulse

Nea’s naïve and aggressive behavior is the primary cause of her character and the decisions that she makes throughout the narrative. Simply put, she acts before thinking. The aspect is clearly illustrated by the author from the mentioned situation with Duke and Chhay. What’s more, she doesn’t mind the shameful conditions that she puts herself in. Ideally, one would expect her to have a change of heart and character after embarrassing herself in one situation. Well, she doesn’t think that. The character does not find any bother from her wrong actions in the past. Following her behavior, her mother alludes that her major drawback was acting without thinking. Her mother also emphasizes that her big problem is that she never things.

Her Character is Stubborn

From her childhood up until maturity, Nea’s behavior didn’t depict any positive change. She remained stubborn throughout the short piece. Well, perhaps she has another side of her maturity that would make her a better and more reasonable person. In essence, the author’s primary intention was to show the actions of an overprotective person whose choices are to maintain an excellent family bond.

However, other analysts hold different opinions about the character of Nea. They presented her to be one with a strong will character. To demonstrate it, she stubs a drunk man who had terrible intentions of messing up Sourdi. She was willing to go to any extent to show her desire to keep her sister safe from harm. Other analysts bring her out as a reckless teenager who is yet to grow up from her age.


Generally, the author uses Nea to paint the theme of a good relationship. The theme was particularly between sisters to grew up together and developed a healthy relationship. Finally, the author of the story illustrates the possibility of siblings having different personalities and maturity levels. In short, the fact that two people come from the same family doesn’t mean that they should have similar behavior. Instead, the story shows that character is what differentiates two people.

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