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  For each “In the News” assignment, students will be assigned an article to review followed by some instructions regarding how to specifically analyze the article. Each submission must contain at least two references to substantiate the responses provided. One of the references must be the course textbook. Remember references should be accompanied by their corresponding citations in the body of the writing. When inserting references and their corresponding citations, students should follow APA format. 

 Students with the last name beginning with a letter A-M, select one prediction (1-5 in the article’s list) to focus on for this assignment.  

Slide criteria: 

  • Slides should contain some kind of design. Simple black text on a white background is not acceptable. 
  • Each slide should contain a photo or graph to coincide with its text. 
  • A grammar or spell check should be conducted prior to submission. 
  • Text on the slides should be listed in a bulleted/list format, not huge paragraph chunks. There should be a minimum of 4 bulleted items per slide (but there can be more).


In the News

Panther #:

Class #:


More talk than action on Health Equity.

Health equity may be the great embarrassment of our time.

Steps to solve health inequity are few, small and with disconnected objectives.

Advances will only be seen in small organizations, and even at that level nothing revolutionary will be seen.

Robust data collection, public transparency, and real incentives are desperately needed.

Dominant players in the healthcare field must be forced to really take care and concern about how to end health equity issues.


Knowledge-Base management

Data. Symbols or raw numbers that simply exist; they have no structure or organization.

Information. Data that are organized or processed to have meaning. Information can be useful, but it is not necessarily useful.

Knowledge. Information that is deliberately useful. Knowledge enables decision making—know how.

Understanding. This category represents the difference between learning and memorizing—know why.

Wisdom. A high-level stage that adds moral and ethical views to understanding.

The foundation of knowledge-based management, composed of five categories of learning: data, information, knowledge,

understanding, and wisdom.

Scientific Management

1. The study and scientific organization of work

2. Selection and training of workers

3. Cooperative action between managers and operators

4. Responsibility and specialization of superiors in work planning

Scientific management, also known as Taylorism, is a theory of management promoted by Frederick W. Taylor in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Reducing waste, increasing effective production, standardizing workflows and improving economic efficiency are some of the main objectives of scientific management.


Health Equity and KBM

Health equity is a fundamental component of social justice that indicates the absence of avoidable, unjust or remediable differences between groups of people due to their social, economic, demographic or geographical circumstances.

KBM can be a useful tool in increasing health equity.


Data: by gathering statistics of the differences.

Information: organizing that data.

Knowledge: Stablishing the facts obtained while interpreting that information.

Understanding: on how the facts affect us.

Wisdom: Contrast that understanding against our AND OTHERS’ moral and ethical view.


I’ll do my part!

As a healthcare manager and a member of minorities, I look forward to influencing greater health equity by:

Identify key health disparities and their root causes

Face some uncomfortable realities head-on

Create associations within a community.

Seek that everyone has the same opportunity to be healthier by proposing laws, policies and programs at all levels of society.

We all need to do more, or else…

Unless everyone, as a community, decides to confront the issue of health equity, the prophecy will be true because we must all, among other things:

Part I. Rethinking and democratizing the distribution of power, wealth and resources.

Part II. Improve daily living and working conditions throughout the life cycle.

Part III. Promote and promote health-friendly environments.

Part IV. Improve, extend and universalize health services.

Part V. Emphasize strengthening surveillance, research, and teaching.


Indeed, Editorial Team. (2022, June 1). Indeed. Retrieved from What Are the 4 Basic Functions of Management?: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/career-development/basic-functions-of-management

Mc. Laughlin, D. B., Olson, J. R., & Sharma, L. (2022). Healthcare Operations Management. Washingtong D.C.: Association of University Programs in Health Administration.









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