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assignment 1 Physical Security
Assignment 1 Physical Security
Assignment 1-Physical Security-Semester 2-2016
For centuries researchers and have studied the relationship between the environment and
human behaviour. Accordant with such pursuits, Crime Prevention through Environmental
Design (CPTED) is an environmental criminology theory grounded in the proposition that
through the appropriate design and application of the built and surrounding environment both
crime and the fear of crime can be reduced. The premise expresses that although different
crimes are influenced or affected in different ways by the environment in which they occur,
almost every type of “street crime”, crimes against persons or property, are influenced in some
way by the physical design, layout, or by situational factors such as the presence of a victim or
target, the lack of guardianship, and the lack of surveillance opportunities. Crime Prevention
through Environmental Design (CPTED) has its theoretical basis in the Rational Choice
paradigm based within a human/environment interaction model.
You are to review the literature and drawing on an evidence based approach, discuss the
benefits and limitations of CPTED as an effective crime prevention strategy in contemporary
Special Instructions:
Warning-this assignment will require a written argument based on an analysis of your reviewed
Word Limit: 2000 Words (+/- 10%).
To successfully complete this assignment students must demonstrate a high level of research
where a minimum of 20 references are utilized to establish an informed argument. Of these
references as least half must stem from academic texts.
If you submit your assignment after the due date, you should expect to be penalised in
accordance with the standard ECU regulations of 5% of the maximum mark for every working
day that your assignment is late. Note, if your assessment task is submitted more than 5
working days late, you will be awarded a mark of 0 for that task.
If you believe you have exceptional circumstances as to why your assessment task will be late,
you need to contact your lecturer or tutor before the due date to discuss your situation and
request an extension of your assignment due date.
Note: This essay must include academic referencing according to ECU guidelines. All
citations, references, and acknowledgments must be properly recognized. The essay must
conform to the essay writing standards of Edith Cowan University.
Marking Guide:
Assignment 1
Student: N/A – Low

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