Pageof 5ZOOMNGR 7827 Module 12: Using Excel for Data Management and Analysis 1 Bottom Line: By the end of this module, each student will have completed an Excel data worksheet for data collection

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Pageof 5ZOOMNGR 7827 Module 12: Using Excel for Data Management and Analysis 1 Bottom Line: By the end of this module, each student will have completed an Excel data worksheet for data collection and management, entered sample data consistent with their proposed DNP project, and complete a data analysis plan to answer the research question(s). Required Reading Sylvia & Terhaar Chapters 6-9, 12 (required for prior modules). Chapters 6-8 will assist with identifying variables and data sources. Chapter 9 will assist with developing an analysis plan, but it will certainly not cover every possible analysis. Do the best you can right now. Eventually, you will need to meet with a data analysist or statistician to develop a formal analysis plan. This module requires you to use Microsoft Excel. If you are not familiar with this program, there are many ways to get assistance with learning. A link to the Microsoft Excel basic skills page is provided. If you prefer video tutorials, feel free to search YouTube or other appropriate platforms. I encourage you to share links to videos and other resources you find particularly helpful with your classmates. Microsoft Basic Tasks in Excel Recommended Resources None Module Activities NOTE: Work for all activities should be on the same Excel file. Post your Excel file addressing activities 1-3 to the module discussion board by midnight on Friday. Activity 1: Develop an Excel worksheet for data collection and management for your DNP project. • Clearly state your research question(s) at the top of the worksheet. • For each research question, clearly identify the variables needed to answer the question. If there is are Independent and Dependent variables, clearly indicate this next to the variable. • Clearly identify the source for your variables. The nature of the example project requires 2 different working data sets. Data set 1 records HEMS (helicopter EMS units) count by year. Data set 2 records patient level data. In order to keep everything in one place, 3 worksheets are created – Plan, HEMS Count, and Patient Data. • Create the necessary worksheets for your DNP project. You will at least need a sheet for your Plan and another for your DNP Data. If other worksheets are needed, create them in your Excel file. • Your project may not require multiple data sets. If one data set will work, stick with one. Activity 2: Fabricate appropriate data to mimic what you expect things to look like for your DNP project. • Use the sheets in the Excel file to fabricate data that approximates what you anticipate using for your project. • Create enough entries to complete your analysis. o If you are using longitudinal data (e.g., weeks, months, or quarters), create at least 12 entries. o If you are using individual patient data, create at least 25 cases. o You can be creative but make the data realistic. Data Set 1 Headings Data Set 2 Headings Here are what the HEMS example data look like: Activity 3: Determine your analysis plan to answer your research question. • What data cleaning or recoding need to be completed? • What calculations need to be completed? • What comparisons need to be completed? • How will you display your data? NOTE: The purpose of Activity 3 is to get you thinking about the analysis plan. Articulate what you want the data to tell you even if you don’t know the specific statistical test. During the planning phase of your DNP project, you will meet with a data analysist or statistician to determine a detailed data plan (including the analysis). Here is the HEMS example analysis plan: Activity 4: Review the research question(s) and variables identified by at least 1 other student. • Do the identified variables match the question? • Does the data source seem reasonable for obtaining the data? • What other variables would you suggest to help answer the question? • Post your responses by midnight on Sunday. Activity 5: Review the analysis plan provided by at least 1 other student. • Do the recoding and cleaning activities match the question? • Do the calculations seem reasonable and appropriate given the question and data? • Do the comparisons seem reasonable and appropriate given the question and data? • What suggestions do you have for improving the analysis plan? • Post your responses by midnight on Sunday. Module Grading • Full Credit (10 points): All required postings present. Initial postings completed by midnight on Friday.

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