Pageof 2ZOOMPADM 600 Page 1 of 2 RESEARCH PAPER: FEDERALISM RESEARCH PAPER OR PRESENTATION ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW Public budgeting takes place at the national, state, and local levels. As y

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Pageof 2ZOOMPADM 600Page 1 of 2RESEARCH PAPER: FEDERALISM RESEARCH PAPER OR PRESENTATION ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWPublic budgeting takes place at the national, state, and local levels. As you have seen, many of the debates related to public budgets arise from fundamental presumptions about the role and limits of government. Likewise, many debates arise from presumptions about which level of government, federal, state, or local has been appropriately authorized by the people and is in the best position to act in each area. To the extent that budgets are ultimately the avenue through which governments act, these debates very quickly become public budgeting issues. INSTRUCTIONSIn this Research Paper: Federalism Research Paper or Presentation Assignment, you should choose between producing a PowerPoint/video presentation or writing a research paper analyzing the concept of federalism as it applies to the politics and policy of public budgeting. Specifically, you will need to provide a nuanced analysis and explanation of:1) the role and/or impact of federalism in maintaining constitutionally limited federal government, 2) the potential impact of federalism on federal level public budgeting. 3) the impacts of federal agency spending on public budgeting; and 4) a Judeo-Christian analysis of the concepts of federalism in public budgeting.Option 1: PowerPoint Presentation InstructionsComplete a PowerPoint presentation with audio (see tutorial in the course for adding audio) analyzing and evaluating Federalism. The presentation must include 9–10 minutes of student-spoken audio and incorporate at least 6 appropriate references in addition to the course textbook, assigned readings, and the Bible. Images may be incorporated where appropriate. A separate document listing all references in current APA format must be submitted with the PowerPoint.Option 2: Research Paper InstructionsFor this assignment, you should prepare a 5-7 pages research paper in APA format (not including title page, reference page, and any appendices). You must also include a title and reference page, citations from appropriate professional, scholarly, or other appropriate sources to fully support your assertions and conclusions. Additionally, your research paper must contain citations from the course text books, assigned readings, and a minimum of 5 additional sources which does not include the course textbooks, assigned readings, and the Bible.This is a graduate-level research assignment designed to test your ability to carefully research, effectively organize, and concisely communicate a nuanced understanding of the concepts and issues raised in the assignment. While the minimum page limit is short (as is often the case in PADM 600Page 2 of 2public policy/public administration briefings), students are expected to craft efficient, highly substantive papers. You are expected to comport with the highest writing, research, and ethical standards. Additionally, to do well on this assignment, you must conduct high-quality research and offer rich, well-supported analysis; mere opinion or conjecture will not suffice. There must be no careless or simple grammatical errors such as misspellings, incomplete sentences, comma splices, instances of faulty noun/verb agreement, etc. Such errors will result in significant point deductions.Plagiarism in any form is strictly prohibited and may result in failure of the assignment, failure of the course, and/or removal from the program. It is your responsibility to ensure that you fully understand what constitutes the various forms of plagiarism and that you avoid all forms of plagiarism.

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