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The Final Project for Anthropology 206 is a discussion based online presentation.  Students will create semi-formal, multi-media, interactive presentations, based on the text Early Warming, and other course material.
Students are to identify a central theme, a challenge, or a big idea in Early Warming, connect this theme to other course material and external references, and present on Canvas using PowerPoint or another similar program.
In this assignment, students will explain and discuss challenges, issues, ideas and/or situations from course material that are central and salient to culture, climate change, and human ecology.  Students are to present their topic, along with proposed solutions, through multimedia presentations on canvas.  This is not an essay assignment!  There is no minimum word requirement, and I encourage you to be creative in how you express your ideas.
Create an informal, multimedia, discussion based online presentation, that depicts and explains the topic you have chosen.   Your approach to your topic should:
•    Be relevant in today’s world (although please do address history if it is relevant).
•    Be drawn directly from course material (Early Warming and two additional sources).
•    Connect your main topic to at least two other aspects of course material.
•    Connect your topic to at least one external source (not from course material).
•    Be multimedia in format: Combine text, images, music, video clips, etc.
•    Each slideshow is to consist of a minimum of 6 slides.  This includes a title slide with a brief introduction and explanation of your topic, as well as a concluding slide, and a works cited page.
•    You can make more than 6 slides but no more than 10 slides per project, please!
•    Each slide is to include text and images and or other multimedia sources.
•    You can find images online, or you can draw from course material, or you can use your own photos or creations.  All images must be cited on your works cited page.
•    You must cite at least 3 sources from within course material (discussion posts by students or instructor reflections are counted as part of course material).
•    You must cite at least 1 source from outside course material.
•    There is no limit to the number of sources you can use, but ALL SOURCES MUST BE DOCUMENTED *.
•    Your Primary Post should state the title of your Final Project, and your Presentation should be attached.
•    Responses should be substantive, thoughtful, and constructive.
HINT: Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted assignment.
* The OWL is a comprehensive guide to using proper citations.  Here are some hints for citing:
•    ALWAYS put direct quotes in quotation marks.
•    Direct quotes (when you quote the author word for word) should be avoided unless the point is so crucial that you cannot rephrase it without losing impact, or you want to hang the author with his or her own words.
•    Paraphrasing is preferred!
•    If citing from class discussion, Include author’s name and page number, or week of discussion, in the body of the essay.  There are several ways of doing this.
o    Examples:
As Hiromi stated in week 6, blah, blah, blah… (Paraphrase Hiromi’s argument in your own words, no quotation marks).
o    Or:
As Lindsey argues, blah, blah, blah… (Week 7).
•    Use string citations if you are discussing a point made by more than one author.
•    Example:
•    The use of images to purvey blah, blah, blah… (Denise Hie Week 5; Kristof and WuDunn 269).
•    Always give credit when using the ideas of an author or another student.  The policy for plagiarism is ZERO TOLERANCE.  Do not try it.


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