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Psy341 Abnormal Psychology Extra Credit Option #1Essay


This optional extra credit assignment can boost your overall course grade up to 2%. Your grade on this assignment is worth between 0 and 4 points. Your score will be divided by 2. I will add that number as a percentage to your overall course grade. For example:

(1)! If you currently have a 78.5% in the course, (2)! If you get 3/4 on this extra credit assignment:

a.! That would be calculated as 3/2 = 1.5% extra for your course grade. (3)! Your new course grade would now be 80%.


This assignment is due, emailed to Dr. Nelson, byLEARNING OBJECTIVES:

(1)!Learn more about community treatment of psychopathology and the neurodiversity approach to psychopathology.

(2)!Practice generating APA style references.
(3)!Enhance your use of academic search engines.
(4)!Develop your ability to make a psychologically informed argument about the abnormality, or lack

of abnormality, of human behavior.
(5)!Develop your ability to make a psychologically informed argument about how communities

should label, manage, and/or treat citizens who display psychologically atypical behavior.INSTRUCTIONS:

Review all of the essay instructions. Then, go online and watch the 45-minute film, “The Strangest Village in Britain.” Take notes on what occurs as you watch.

Your paper should have four clear sections, labeled Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, and Section 4. Your response should immediately follow each heading.

Section 1: (graded as 0, 1⁄4, or 1⁄2 points)
(a)! First, describe the gist of what makes Botton Village unique.

Next, many of the citizens of Botton Village make an appearance in the documentary. Some of these individuals might give you an impression of being “healthy or typical” and some of them might strike you as being “odd or unusual” in some fashion.

(b)! What made the “typical” individuals appear “typical” to you. Give at least 2 behavioral examples from the documentary that give the impression of a typical person.

(c)! What made the “odd” individuals appear odd? Give at least 2 behavioral examples from the documentary that give the impression of an odd person.


FriFdriadayy,, 152/1/15

at 10:00 PM.


~3 paragraphs (1 or more pages)

Psy341 Abnormal Fall 2017 Extra Credit Option #1 Essay

Section 2: (graded as 0, 1⁄4, 1⁄2, or 1 points)
Choose Kati or Barry, two of the individuals profiled in the documentary. For whichever person you choose:

(a)! Describe who he or she is.
(b) What is life like for him or her at the village?
(c) What, if anything, seems healthy and typical about how the person thinks, feels, and behaves in the

(d) What, if anything, seems strange or abnormal about him or her?
(e) Speculate: do you think the person meets the criteria of a DSM disorder? If so, which disorder? Do you

think the person SHOULD be diagnosed with a disorder? Why, or why not?(f) What happens to the person by the end of the documentary?

~2-3 paragraphs (1 or more pages)

Section 3: (graded as 0, 1⁄4, or 1⁄2 points)

(a)! What would your life be like if the communities in Las Vegas decided to be like Botton Village? In your response, think about your work life, school life, and/or home life.

(b)!Is there any reason(s) why Botton Village can do what they do, but Las Vegas cannot? Explain.
~1 paragraph (1/2 page)

Section 4: (graded as 0, 1⁄2, 1, or 1.5 points)
Using PsycINFO or Google Scholar, locate and read an academic research article or an academic review article

on ONE of two topics related to the documentary you just watched:

(1) Community-based treatments (e.g., assertive community treatment, intensive case-management, alcoholic’s anonymous, PTSD anonymous, etc.), OR

(2) Neurodiversity, a growing movement that is against pathologizing (i.e., clinically diagnosing and treating) many psychological differences, such as autism, ADHD, bipolar, etc.

Articles published on wiki type sites, blogs, or consumer magazines (e.g., Psychology Today), are not academic.

(a) Summarize the community treatment OR neurodiversity issue that is addressed in your article.
(b) Present some of the core findings of your article.
(c) Depending on what issue you chose, present your perspective on community-based treatments versus

individual-focused treatments, OR, present your perspective on neurodiversity versus pathologizing significant psychological differences. For example, which side of the debate do you support and why? If you think both sides of the debate have merit, explain.


Writing Quality & General Requirements (graded as 0, 1⁄4, or 1⁄2 points)Writing Quality:

Your essay should be carefully edited for grammar, word choice, and flow.


Your essay should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins. Your essay should be 3-4 pages long. You MUST staple your pages together.


You must include a Reference section, with the heading “References.” Use APA style 6th edition. You do NOT need to put the reference on a separate page; include it at the conclusion of your essay.

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