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1) Forgetting represents a failure of:
a) Storage b) retrieval c) either
2) Encoding refers to:
a) learning new information b) organizing concepts c) decoding language
3) Conceptual information is stored and organized in:
a) Semantic networks b) episodic buffer c) visuospatial sketchpad
4) According to Baddeley, the verbal-linguistic working memory rehearsal “slave” system is the:
a) Visuospatial scribe b) phonological loop c) semantic homolog
5) Semantic network activity spreads to closely related concepts to explain:
a) Cognitive priming b) memory activation c) episodic memory
6) Another name for declarative memory is:
a) Explicit memory b) implicit memory c) semantic memory
7) Memory for motor acts that complete a task, such as tooth-brushing or bike-riding is:
a) Semantic b) procedural c) autobiographical
8) Memories about the self are known as which type of memory?
a) semantic b) episodic c) prosodic
9) Motor acts that happen automatically to avoid pain, without neurologic processing involve:
a) Spinal reflex arcs b) procedural memories c) apraxia
10) Which of the following associative learning involves behavior in anticipation of an event?
a) Cognitive learning b) operate conditioning c) classical conditioning
11) In classical conditioning, the conditioned stimiulus is always the same as the:
a) unconditioned stimulus b) neutral stimulus c) unconditioned response
12) Midway through the semester, you begin to feel ill every time you enter your PSY334 classroom, although you did not earlier. The classroom represents the:
a) neutral stimulus b) conditioned stimulus c) unconditioned stimulus
13) A conditioned response returns more easily after extinction of the response via:
a) extinction b) spontaneous recovery c) unconditioned stimulus
14) Operant conditioning can modify behavior in response to:
a) rewards b) punishments c) both
15) “Classroom learning” without direct experience refers to which type of learning:
a) cognitive b) associative c) osmotic
16) Which system directs the activity of the working memory “slave” systems?
a) episodic buffer b) visuospatial sketchpad c) central executive
17) Ebbinghaus described the serial position effect as poor memory for:
a) initial list items b) middle list items c) last learned items
18) Debate speakers clamor to speak first, before all other opponents because of the:
a) primacy effect b) recency effect c) debatecency effects
19) The recenecy effect describes better recall for information:
a) just learned b) learned long ago c) both
20) Which part of the cortex is the slowest to develop?
A) Frontal lobe b) occipital lobe c) brainstem
21) Which of the following is a frontal lobe function?
A) attention b) inhibition c) both
22) The most posterior portion of the frontal lobe involves the:
a) Prefrontal cortex b) motor areas c) orbitofrontal cortex
23) Complex cognitive skills like outcome prediction, morality, and motor problem solving involve:
a) The prefrontal cortex b) the dorsal visual pathway c) episodic buffer
24) One example of laterality in the human body is:
a) ocular dominance b) handedness c) both
25) Differences in information processing between hemispheres of the brain refers to:
a) cerebral lateralization b) interhemispheric dominance c) bilateral symmetry
26) Detail-oriented, bottom-up, symbolic processing, such as decoding language is typically a:
a) left-brain function b) right-brain function c) bilaterally distributed function
27) Which lateralization model is phylogenetically driven?
a) Biased head b)biased gene c) biased brain
28) Tilting the head in utero may lead to lateralization differences according to the _______ model.
a) biased head/uterus b) biased gene c) biased brain
29) The right cerebral hemisphere appears to be lateralized for:
a) Language b) motor coordination c) visuospatial information
30) Damage to the left side of the brain may result in the loss of purposive movements, known as:
a) apraxia b) aphasia c) anosognosia
31) According to the brain maturational perspective, plasticity occurs:
a) always b) only in response to injury c) via inter- and intra-regional connectivity
32) Which brain development perspective seeks to integrate genetic phylogeny and skill learning?
a) Interactive specialization b) adaptive radiation c) predetermine epigenesis
33) Which type of neuronal activity maintains synapses?
a) Continuous b) spontaneous c) GABAergic
34) Object permanence is believed to be an analog of concept formation in individuals who are:
a) non-verbal b) phenylketonuric c) aged over 2 years
35) Continued neuronal inactivity results in:
a) Selective synaptic pruning b) long-term potentiation c) phenylketonuria
36) Phenylketonuria results in the inability to metabolize phenylalanine to which neurotransmitter?
a) dopamine b) serotonin c) norepinephrine

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