MHA 601 Principles of Health Care Administrration Week 4 Assignment 2

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Week 4 – Assignment 2Multimedia-Innovative Business Solutions

Review various product and service options from various companies listed in the Table 7.1 Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2012 Innovative Health Care Business Solutions Awards in Chapter 7 of your course text (see attached)

.  Select one option, and create a multimedia presentation that addresses the following:    Describe the product or service and its use.    Determine its threats to existing health care organizations.    Forecast the partnership between your selected product/company and existing health care organizations to provide better care to the patients.To create your multimedia presentation, first create a five-slide PowerPoint (excluding the title slide and references slide) that presents the information.  Then, using a screencast program like Jing or Screencast-o-Matic, record your presentation of the PowerPoint.

Utilize a minimum of three scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources, including the textbook, that


published within the last five years, and all sources must be documented in APA style.

Your PowerPoint presentation must include:    A Title Slide with the following:        Title of your presentation.        Student’s name.        Course title/number.        Instructor’s name.        Date.    Introduction.    Product or Service Overview    Threats to Existing Healthcare Organization.    Partnership with Existing Healthcare Organizations.    Conclusion.    Reference slide.    Clear organization/sequence.    A clear and logical progression of ideas.    Three to five bullet points (approximately five words per bulleted item).    Relevant visuals, such as graphs and/or tables, which enhance understanding of concepts, ideas, and relationships.  You may use Creative Commons for images and visuals.    A consistent theme, format, and font that augment the readability.To submit this assignment, upload a Word document that contains the link to your multimedia presentation and your scripts, so your instructor can provide you with feedback on your presentation.

Note: The use of a screencast program is required. If you have difficulty in creating the required multimedia, please reach out to your Instructor.

MHA 601 Principles of Health Care Administrration Week 4 Assignment 2
Table 7.1: Entrepreneur magazine’s 2012 innovative health care business solutions awards Company Name Website Product/service description Ringadoc Telecommunications software that connects patients to their physicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; automates after-hours answering service yet allows call triaging and personal response. Foodzy Gamification for healthy eating. The app and website let users keep track of eating habits to reach a goal weight. Lark Technologies Makers of a silent “un-alarm” clock, sold in Apple Stores, that uses a sleep sensor to monitor, analyze, and improve sleep habits. Sickweather http://www.sickweather .com Sifts through status updates on social media and posts illness trends to a map. Users can add symptoms to the site or search in their area for illnesses, down to the street level. 6dot Innovations Portable device that makes embossed Braille adhesive labels to help the blind better maneuver in their own environments. GTX Corp Shoe with a miniature GPS tracking device embedded in the heel for wandering Alzheimer’s patients. CareZone Subscription service that provides caregivers with a secure online area to organize information such as medical files and emergency contact information. A profile for each patient can be created and shared with relevant contacts. Mobi Mobilegs, ergonomic crutches designed for comfort, greater stability and a reduced risk of secondary injuries. WhichDoc http://www.crunchbase .com/company/whichdoc This New York City start-up digitizes word-of-mouth recommendations by tapping users’ social networks for doctor and dentist referrals.

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