Medical Record Abstracting

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HIM 2214 Module 2: Medical Record Abstracting

Instructions: In this medical record abstracting assignment you will first need to download the history & physical document for a patient with cardiovascular issues. Save your answers to the following related questions in this document and submit them for this module’s assignment.

1. What is exertional chest pain?

2. Define the term orthopnea.

3. What is atrial fibrillation?

4. What are some of the possible causes (etiology) of atrial fibrillation?

5. What is meant by the statement “4/6 systolic ejection murmur”?

6. What are basilar crackles?

7. Define the term palpitations.

8. Define the term cyanosis.

9. Define the abbreviation BUN.

10. What is meant by exacerbation?

11. Define pulmonary hypertension.

12. What is congestive heart failure?

13. Describe the pathophysiology of congestive heart failure.

14. Define the term diuresis.

15. What is mitral regurgitation?

16. What is the purpose of ordering a cardiac enzymes test?

17. Which condition(s) is/are the drug Cardizem used to treat?

18. What is a foley catheter?

19. What are I’s and O’s?

20. Which condition(s) is/are the drug Lasix used to treat

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