Marijuana attitudes

Media and Substance Abuse


Smoking rates among teens

Source: Johnston, L.D., O’Malley, P.M., Miech, R.A., Bachman, J.G., & Schulenberg, J.E. (2016).Monitoring the Future national survey results on drug use, 1975-2015: Overview, key findings on adolescent drug use. Ann Arbor, MI: Institute for Social Research, The University of Michigan.

Alcohol: The Cause of (and solution to) All of Life’s problems

Marijuana attitudes

According to Pew Research: in 2016, 57% of

Adults said the use of marijuana should be made

Legal, while 37% said it should be illegal.

In 2006, these opinions were nearly the reverse

(32% in favor, 60% opposed)

“A pill for every ill”

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