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Scenario analysis;

Building on the work you have already completed, you are required to identify the correct process, strategy, methodology, target recipient characteristics and timing for a number of scenarios. You are required to integrate evidence of increased skills and demonstrated understanding gained from discussion forum participation. Marks will be allocated on the basis of your assessment of the scenario, understanding what needs to be done and the decisions you make as to how you would approach the situation based on the procedures discussed in your readings and discussions.

The total word count for this assignment is 1000 words. You do not need an overall introduction or conclusion. You should reference at least 6 resources in the text of the assignment.


Outline your communication approach for four of the following scenarios using the following headings. Your answers can be in point form.

· Process

· Strategy

· Methodology

· Recipient characteristics

· Timing.

Scenario 1

You have been asked to present an information session on wills and estate planning to a group of Aboriginal people.

Scenario 2

Devise a communications program which announces a reduction in staff when the company has just announced record profitability.

Scenario 3

How would you use active listening in a job interview to ‘interview’ the interviewer?

Scenario 4

You feel you are not getting the best outcomes working with a domineering boss. How would you use assertive behaviour to improve the situation?

Scenario 5

You are part of the selection committee appointing a new PR agency for your company. What would your agenda be for the interviews?

Scenario 6

You are the chair of a local community service group. How would you encourage attendance, participation and commitment from members?

Scenario 7

You have been asked to assemble and chair a work group to explore ways to lower employee turnover, especially for employees who leave within the first 12 months.

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