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2.17 Analyzing the Audiences of Non-Commercial Web Pages Analyze the implied audiences of two Web pages of two non-commercial organizations with the same purpose (combating hunger, improving health, influencing the political process, etc.). You could pick the home pages of the national organization and a local affiliate, or the home pages of two separate organizations working toward the same general goal. Answer the following questions: • Do the pages work equally well for surfers and for people who have reached the page deliberately? • Possible audiences include current and potential volunteers, donors, clients, and employees. Do the pages provide material for each audience? Is the material useful? Complete? Up-to-date? Does new material encourage people to return? • What assumptions about audiences do content and visuals suggest? • Can you think of ways that the pages could better serve their audiences? As your instructor directs, a. Share your results orally with a small group of students. b. Present your results orally to the class. c. Present your results in a memo to your instructor. Attach copies of the home pages. d. Share your results with a small group of students, and write a joint memo reporting the similarities and differences you found. e. Post your results in an e-mail message to the class. Provide links to the two Web pages.

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