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Please create a one page Business Memo using the following scenario:

Budget cuts affect everyone these days. Effective immediately, gasoline reimbursement for salespeople will be reduced to 50 percent of the purchased price. Employees must submit receipts for reimbursement with a log of actual miles used while conducting business for your company, including the result of the client visit. You are the sales and marketing department chair. Write a memo to the staff regarding this change including three to five key reasons why this change must be instituted.

You've realized your benefits package is too rich and you must make budget cuts. As a result, rather than collecting 45 days of vacation/sick time each year, employees will now collect 30 days of vacation/sick time each year. There is no "grandfathering" of this decision for current employees – everyone is affected except officers of the company. This will save the company more than $25 million over the next five years and should alleviate the need for further staff cuts – you've already cut 20 percent of your staff this year. Write a memo to the employees regarding this change and include three to five key reasons for this change

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