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Research proposal to expand Data Management Inc. to South Africa

Format and Length: Use the report format in Chapter 19 (Figure 19.7) in Locker. Include:

Title Page: 1 page

Letter of Transmittal: 1 page

Executive Summary: 1 page

Body with section headings: 5-7 pages

Conclusions and Recommendations: 1 page

Bibliography: 1-2 pages

Glossary (optional): 1 page

Appendix (optional): 1 page

References: Provide at least 10 references in the Bibliography; use footnotes or parenthetical citations to document information.

Potential Audience: Your primary readers will be the company CEO; the VP for Human Resources (HR), members of the Board of Directors, the company CFO (Chief Finance Officer), company employees, and possibly the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

I have the format as well as what information i will the writer to go by, meaning i have done the research all need is a written report between 10-12 pages based on the information in the attachements

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