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GDF SUEZ SA (2011)

Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements [extract] Other intangible assets [extract]

Other internally-generated or acquired intangible assets

Other intangible assets include mainly: amounts paid or payable as consideration for rights relating to concession contracts or public service contracts; customer portfolios acquired on business combinations; power station capacity rights: the Group helped finance the construction of certain nuclear power stations operated by third parties and in consideration received the right to purchase a share of the production over the useful life of the assets. These rights are amortized over the useful life of the underlying assets, not to exceed 40 years; surface and underground water drawing rights, which are not amortized as they are granted indefinitely; concession assets; the GDF Gaz de France brand and gas supply contracts acquired as part of the business combination with Gaz de France in 2008.

Intangible assets are amortized on the basis of the expected pattern of consumption of the estimated future economic benefits embodied in the asset. Amortization is calculated mainly on a straight-line basis over the following useful lives (in years):

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