Life tradition assignment

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Discuss the various socioeconomic life transitions that the older adult will face in relation to:

·  Declining function

·  Shrinking social world

·  Widowhood

·  Late-Stage Divorce

·  Late-Stage remarriage

·  Grand parenting

·  Reduced income

·  Retirement, including the phases of retirement

·  Role changes

·  Awareness of mortality

Life Transitions Assignment

Life Transitions Assignment

20% of final grade

Course Outcomes:




Discuss the various socioeconomic life transitions that the older adult will face in relation to:

· Declining function

· Shrinking social world

· Widowhood

· Late-Stage Divorce

· Late-Stage remarriage

· Grand parenting

· Reduced income

· Retirement, including the phases of retirement

· Role changes

· Awareness of mortality

Purpose of Life Transitions Assignment:
To interview an older adult (over the age of 65 years) on their late life transitions. Then discuss/analyze the relevant older adult life transitions as it compares/contrasts with the course content.

Instructions for Assignment:

1. Interview an older adult (someone over 65 years of age).  Note their approximate age.  This person can be a friend, relative, neighbor, parent, or grandparent or someone you have met in the community.  Acknowledge that you were instructed to interview an interesting person for your school assignment.

2. Develop your questions based on adult life transitions as it relates to a person’s lived experience.

3. When choosing a time for the interview, consider when the person feels most comfortable.

4. Consider the length of time you will be taking.

5. Assure the interviewee that they may refuse to answer any question.

6. Be empathic and nonjudgmental. Remember that the person is honoring you by sharing his/her life story.

7. Write a 4-6-page paper analyzing the person’s lived experience. Do not use their name or location to maintain confidentiality.

8. Choose 4 or 5 late-life transitions that apply to your interviewee’s lived experience to analyze.

9. Utilize APA format.

10. The essay must include a title page, in-text citations, and a reference page.
(Do not reference the course slides).

11. All work is expected to be your original work in your own words.
All items copied from other sources must be quoted or paraphrased or summarized with appropriate citations or references. Academic honesty is expected and required of all Conestoga students. It is critical that you familiarize yourself with the Academic Offences Policy. 

12. This assignment
will be evaluated in terms of how you use the course content to interpret or explain what you described in the interview. What various life transitions occurred during this person’s older adult years?

13. Do not include the interview transcript in this assignment.

14. Review the rubric to ensure you have addressed all elements that will be evaluated.







Excellent organization and presentation of discussion. 

Ideas are easy to follow

Good organization and presentation of discussion.

Most ideas are easy to follow, with little to no repetition.

Lacks organization in the presentation of discussion.

Ideas are difficult to follow but have little to no repetitions

Organization and presentation of discussion are not evident.

Ideas are difficult to follow with many occurrences of


All assignment criteria are readily met.

All assignment criteria are addressed but not clearly identified or recognized.

Meets majority of assignment criteria but has missed 1 or two criteria

Several gaps in meeting assignment criteria.

Analysis Application of life transitions theory to interview content

Exceptional discussion with all scholarly content appropriately resourced.

Excellent linkages from the interviewees lived experience to the course content with complete analysis.

Fairly comprehensive discussion with exploration of ideas and most scholarly content appropriately resourced.

All topics are linked to the course content though analysis may be elaborated

Basic discussion with limited use of resources.

One or two topics are not linked to the course content and the analysis may be superficial.

Poor discussion with inappropriate or no resources

3 or more topics may not be linked to the course content or are lacking analysis.

Grammar & Spelling; Sentence structure

Sentence structure and grammar are generally strong; occasional spelling error(s)     

Free or less than (1) error in spelling, punctuation, grammar, & sentence/paragraph structure 

Some correct use of, but also difficulties in, sentence structure, grammar, and spelling 

(2) Minor errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, & sentence/paragraph Structure 

Rarely uses proper sentence structure, grammar, or spelling 

(3) Few or more errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, & sentence/paragraph structure 

Significant problems with sentence structure, grammar, and spelling. 

Incorrect elements are presented in the paper 

0 elements present 

References & Citations using APA

Correct use of APA references and citations      

All pages are included 

Turn it in score<25%  

Introduction is clear  

(0-1) errors in scholarly format according to APA format. 

Occasional lapse in APA references and citation       

Minor errors (1-2) in scholarly format according to APA format. 

Frequently noted difficulties with APA references, citations  

Few or more errors (3 or 4)  in scholarly format according to  APA format 

Significant problems with APA references and citations.   

More than 4 errors  in scholarly format according to  APA format

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