Jack The Ripper Investigation

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APA Format minimum of eight (8) pages in length, formatted correctly, free of grammatical errors.

Jack the Ripper is the best-known name for an unidentified serial killer generally believed to have been active in the largely impoverished areas in and around the Whitechapel district of London in 1888.

You are to re-investigate the Whitechapel murders committed in 1888 and attributed to the suspect known as, Jack the Ripper. In the next three Modules which focus on the Whitechapel Murders we will discuss the three areas Investigators examine while conducting a cold case homicide investigation:

  • Victims
  • Crime Scene/Location?evidence
  • Suspects.

Using sources available to you, i.e. Google, Youtube, other internet sites and television documentaries, research the crimes and conduct your investigation.

The purpose of the final paper is to combine the lessons learned in this course and represents 25% of the overall grade in this course, so you should ensure that you devote the time and effort necessary to do your best on this assignment.

You will complete one section of your report for each part of your investigation.


Like all murder investigations your case will initially focus on the victims. I recommend you focus on the victims known as the Canonical Five. However, if you choose you may also look into other victims Jack the Ripper might be responsible for. You should research each victim’s background, injuries, manner and location of death and then compare and contrast this with the other victims.


The second part of your investigation will focus on the location of the murders. Where in the Whitechapel area did the murders occur, what was the community makeup of the area and why do you believe the suspect choose Whitechapel to commit his crimes. You need to also review any potential evidence related to the case.


Continue your investigation by considering possible suspects. Of course, a good Investigator will investigate every possible suspect, but so many suspects have been named in this case you won’t be able to do this. I want you to choose at least five potential suspects, explain why you believe they may or may not be responsible for the murders. Finally, you will determine who you believe is the prime suspect and be prepared to explain why you picked this suspect as Jack the Ripper.

Format the paper according to APA guidelines, and cite all sources.

Grading rubric for an excellent paper: An excellent paper must be a minimum of eight (8) pages in length, formatted correctly, free of grammatical errors, and with perfect APA formatting. The paper must begin with an introductory paragraph and must address the topics with critical thought, logical ideas, and end with a persuasive conclusion. An excellent paper will demonstrate creative thought and innovation from the leadership perspective. The reader of the paper should come to a decision to support the program based on the arguments presented in the paper. Finally, for full credit an excellent paper will use a minimum of six credible and reliable sources in addition to the textbook including current research or public or non-governmental public programs that address the problem.


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