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: Is there such a thing as ‘European identity’? Which factors work for or against it
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East/west wuropen studies
Word length (1500 words, +/- 10-%)
Is there such a thing as ‘European identity’? Which factors work for or against it?
• Refer to one society covered in the lectures, tutorials and recommended literature and discuss the degree to which it can be viewed or views itself as European.
‘Societies of Europe’: national and transnational identitiies
Course outline
Week 2
National unity and internal difference: The example of Spain
Week 3
Greece: from the past and into the present
Week 4
Germany: Cultural Memory and Cultural Diversity
Week 5
Reviving language, claiming (national) identity: Irish, Welsh and Cornish
Week 6
France: Migrant Culture and Writing in France
Week 7
Italy: Typically Italian? Between stereotypes and ‘reality’
Week 8
Russia: a case study of a changing nation
Week 10
Croatians: Multicultural European nation
Week 11
Europe today: Current developments and challenges in ageing populations
Week 12
Week 13
Europe and the European Union
• Support your argument with a minimum of five references to relevant academic literature* in addition to any relevant required readings.
• *Please note that Wikipedia is not a relevant academic source.
This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
– to obtain factual knowledge about a range of European cultures, including about selected current issues affecting Europe
– to analyse and reflect critically on past and present concepts of European and national cultural identities
– to gain an appreciation of cultural diversity and a range of issues related to cultural and cross-cultural questions
– to engage with relevant key concepts arising from cultural studies in a European context
– to develop your research skills on a topic provided, with initial guidance through lectures and tutorials
– to become familiar with the basic conventions of academic research, such as referencing and quoting correctly
Section A: A description of the experience using ideas from Unit 3 (300 words/10 marks)
A description of the experience itself explaining what happened and any symptoms and sources of stress, anxiety and/or arousal (cognitive, somatic and behavioural), using ideas from Unit 3.
Section B: An analysis of the experience using ideas from Units 4 and 5 (700 words/60 marks)
An analysis of how your individual experience links to the ideas covered in Units 4 and 5, including the thoughts and feelings that you had during the experience and how you coped with the aspects of stress, anxiety and/or arousal that you identified in Section A.


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